Out of the Kitchen  

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9/6/2006 10:48 am

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Out of the Kitchen

I normally don't let people into my kitchen to cook with me, but I had to make an exception for you. You caught me off guard. I was kneading flour when you snuck in, naked as the day you were born. Your arms wrapped around my body and encircled me. Your fingers mixed with mine in the dough and as I was about to protest, your hot mouth found that familiar spot on my neck and attatched. My head rolled back and I let out a soft moan. "What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I wanted to be your little helper tonight," you said in between kisses on my spinal cord.
"Aren't you afraid of having an accident in the kitchen? I have some serious equipment here," I mumbled as you ran your finger on my lips.
"I have some serious equipment of my own," you whispered in my ear as you thrusted your pelvis into me.
"Oh really?"
You spun me around to face you. Your lips hungry for mine devoured them. You kissed me long and hard and deep. My legs were going weak, but you held me up. You ran your hands intently over my body stopping only to squeeze on your favorite parts. "Mmmmmm." You felt so good.
"Baby I'm working," I moaned softly between my lips. My way of slight protest. You had me weak and you knew I couldn't resist you.
"I'm working too Lover.....just relax and let me work. You deserve a break anyway," you grunted to me as you lifted me up. "Oooh oooh," slipped out of my mouth as my ass touched the marbel counter tops.

You lifted my dress over my head and off, tossed it on the floor somewhere. I grabbed hold of your hair as your mouth seized hold of my nipples. You lowered yourself unto your knees in front of me. My panties stood between you and your favorite place. There was a kitchen knife near by, and you cut my panties right off.
"Panties are banned in this house," you said as you pulled it from under me. Your tongue flickered in my belly button and then you sucked your way down to my clit. Your finger found its way into my my pussy and swirled around, in and out.
"You are so wet for me Lover."
"You know why. You know what you're doing," I said as I pulled your hair.
You laughed. I moaned. You parted my legs further apart and licked my cunt up and down. Your tongue dove into my cave and lay heavy pressing it's way up to my clit. Your finger found its way back inside me and you increased to a forceful rhythm, in and out, your knuckles slammed in to my pussy and your tounge vibrated on my clit.
"You fucking bastard," I screamed out as the waves you were sending through my body were to much for me to contain. I grabbed hold of your head and held on for dear life until my body stopped spasming.

You were stroking your cock now with one hand, holding my thigh with the other, and using your tongue to lick up all the juices coming from my pussy. I wanted to feel you inside me, and you could sense my uneasiness, my restlessness. I tried to leap off the counter, but you held me firm. You rose up and lift my ass up slightly as you entered me deep. I wrapped my legs around your waist and you bounced me up and down on your dick. My breasts pressed up against your firm pecks and rubbed up and down as I bounced. Feeling you so close to me was orgasmic. Feeling you so deep inside me was unbelievable. I held your face into my hands and I kissed you hard and passionately. We started to bump around in the kitchen and you walked with me on top of you to the nearest open space.
"Hold on to me Lover," you said as you lowered yourself unto the floor.
I did. I held on firm an tight with my legs, my arms and my pussy's lips. I didn't let go. I couldn't let go. You felt too good.

As I lay on the floor under you, you positioned me into a sideways split. You brought your leg over my thigh in a straddle, and you rammed your dick in me, far in me. It was a new feeling, you hit on different walls, your dick felt different in a way, a good way. You took my hand and placed it on my clit. "Play with it," you said. I had to oblige. I had gotten slippery wet between you and me playing with my clit. You asked me to turn around. I did. I extended my ass in the air to you so you had clear entry into my cunt. You seized it and rammed it and fucked me hard. Your hands held on to my hips as I wined back on you. You took a firmer hold on me and bang, bang, bang, bang into my pussy. I played with my clit fervently now as I heard the familiar moans of soon to cum coming from your mouth. That just excited you even more, and you bang, bang, banged harder. I then rubbed my clit harder and then I felt the convulsions starting to catch up to me. I felt them deep from with in me. From where the tip of your dick knocked inside me. Your body stiffened more and more as the moans were louder and louder, and you pounded harder and harder into me. The last thrust was even further into me. I could taste your cum as you squirted your juices in to water my cave.

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rm_Wizardesssss 37F
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9/6/2006 11:11 am

Ohhhhhhh, I wanna cook at your house

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KghtTtemplar 55M
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9/6/2006 2:05 pm

Wow! Apparently the opening went better then anticipated. And I thought I had a good weekend (To quote Rob Riener's mother, "I'll have what she's having." )Peace my love.

snowdragon2006 42M

9/7/2006 1:36 am

Wow, and I thought I cooked in my kitchen. That was way better than the IRON CHEF contest.

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