It was better than Sex  

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7/21/2006 12:39 pm

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It was better than Sex

I found this on my hard drive. It is a true story that happened to me last year.

Last week at the local county fair I went to watch the Rodeo. While there I participated in an unusual event called Cowboy Pin Ball. Here is how it goes:

Volunteers from the stands are asked if they would like to participate. The prize for the winner is $ 100. I excuse myself from the group I was with to go to the bathroom. Instead I went and signed up. At that point I had to sign a waver in case I got hurt.

Basically, what happens is that hula-hoops are placed in the arena at different locations. The participants have to stand in the hula-hoops. Then the bull is let loose in the arena. Last one left standing in the hula-hoop wins. Simple rules, simple game.

There were 10 of us, including one woman. I made sure that I got a hoop close to the outer wall of the arena. My theory was this. If the bull comes to me, I’m running like hell to the fence, and diving over it. But what if he never comes my way, what if all I have to do is stand there and watch others get hit or run. Then go collect my $100. Sounded simple to me. It was all up to the bull. I had on dark plan clothing. Nothing that would attract the bull in any way! I was thinking that this could work. There was little risk and great rewards. If nothing else my date (wife) would be impressed at my bravery.

We were lead into the arena and made to stand in our particular hoop. I wasn’t in my hoop 5 seconds when I could hear coming from the stands. “ What the hell you doing, you stupid dumb ass. You’re going to get killed.” Ahhh. The comforting voice of my lovely bride. “You better get the fuck out of there right now.” She added. I have to admit that this did waver my courage and determination just a little. Still, I was determined. I’m doing this.

The gate was opened and the bull came running. He headed immediately to the opposite side of the arena that I was standing on. So far so good!! Two people in the vicinity of the bull took off running like their paints were on fire. The bull stopped like it was confused. I’m thinking, 2 down, 7 to go. Next the bull got a line on the woman. He charged! She ran! She was looking over her shoulder watching the bull and ran right into a guy standing in his hoop. They both fell down. In a second they were on there feet running to the fence. The bull followed the guy all the way there but he dove over it before the bull got to close. I would have been happy except the bull was getting awful close to me now. Next the bull went after the guy in front of me. He just stood there with his hands in his pockets like he was bored with the whole thing. The bull hit him right in the stomach and knocked him about 20 feet. He never even took his hands out of his pockets! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked up to the stands, yelling to my wife. “ Now there is a dumb ass for ya.”

As I looked back the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. There he was looking right at me. No more than 60 feet. I was frozen in my spot. We both looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Slowly the bull started to approach. This monster wasn’t dumb. Everyone else he charged just ran. He was apparently trying a different tactic on me. I’m thinking, ‘maybe he will go away’. 50 feet now! Ahhh shit, he’s still coming. Time to run! Only problem is my legs wouldn’t move. 30 feet! He;s running now, Fuck! Finally, my body was moving to the fence. I don’t know how but it was. Problem is, I'm not gong to make it in time. Oh crap!! What happened to my great plan. I could hear the OHHH’s of the crowd as I approach the fence. Out of nowhere one of the rodeo clowns came running and cut in behind me. The bull took off after him as I went hurling over the fence.

I landed hard on the ground and laid there for a few to get my bearings. When I rolled over and looked up I saw the sweet face of my date. “You’re a ficking idiot” Is all she had to say. My buddy then stuck out his hand to help me up. After I was on my feet he asked me, “How was it”.

“Ficking awesome” I told him. "Better than Sex"

TonyPlays 65M

7/23/2006 6:40 am

Awesome post.

I personally would never risk my neck that way.

waytoohorny2000 47M

7/23/2006 10:16 pm

Extreeeemly entertaining. Thanx!

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