sincere and excting guy next door  

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3/31/2006 4:48 am
sincere and excting guy next door

I am shy around people. I have an adventurous side though due to where I grew up I hardly let it show. I am originally from NY. I experienced some hardships growing up. I started work when I was very young at the age of 13. I worked at an exclusive club on Long Island. The work was tough though it fostered discipline and self respect in me.
I was raised by three women. They were my guardian angels. They taught me to respect women and instructed me on values. Caring for another person was among them.
I have a highly creative side. I am good with words and have a wicked imagination. I love to create. I also love to act. I learned a long time ago to create a personae of who others needed for me to be at the time. It was how I grew up.
I love to please people. Through my words and through creating an atmosphere of romance.
I am very romantic. That is one trait that will always stay with me. I love to spend time with someone who appreciates my company. Who wants my time and attention. I love to shower people with affection. Though I hardly let it show.
In NYC where I survived for five years I learned to rely on my own. It was a tough time though. I learned survival skills that I never knew existed. It forstered a more determined me. A disciplined and enlightened me.
That is where I was introduced to the craft. I studied a few different things. Such as Northern Mysteries and High Magick. I am an eclectic. I am very spiritual yet I claim no religion.
I love to spend my time with loving and caring people. I am loving and caring myself. Though I don't let it show. People in NY tend to take advantage of that.
I am considerate in my demeanor and would give the shirt off my back to a stranger if it was needed. Though I don't let it show.
I am now concentrating on my future. What I need to do to survive in California. I love it here so far. Great weather and all of that.
I would like for people to understand me better. Though if that never happens I will deal. Coping is something I mastered a long time ago.

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