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flyingtoaster3 33M
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5/20/2006 8:00 am
no more ...

And I can feel it tremble oh so smoothly ... I slow my breathing just to let time pass by, anthologies are written over years ... But even now I can write my story in the stars ... Cracked and shattered when you look at me like that ... Build me up to break me up ... So that I can have something to write ... Ill always trust my pen and paper over anything I've seen typed ... A feeling of despair rushes in ... When you think the world is over ... But then again my life has always been ... The climax and the downfall of a child ... Portrayed so falsely when they think they know me .. Betrayed and lied to from the start ... I escape in words and dreams and phrases ... And I always find a way to part with my strife .. You're a question wrapped inside a riddle she once said ... As I slammed the door inside her face ... But I left because I couldn't face myself .. Or the blood that trickled down my hands ... I had killed so many hopes ... Blessed and cursed with too much pride ... But I'm always finding out .. That the one to trust is inside

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