ho,ho,ho,ho horney for a stuffing  

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ho,ho,ho,ho horney for a stuffing

Vacation for us had not been as enjoyable as we had hoped it would. Harriet has gotten used to being fucked four to five times a week. We are not talking quickies either but four or five good hard at least a couple of hours banging away as hard as she can stand it. It had been several monthes of huge hard cocks plowing her pussy and stuffing her good for a steady period of time and then it went the oppsite way. We had just got off a two week travel spree and Jeff left for a week of travel the day before we arrived home. I did not know how much she was going to miss riding his huge cock but her pussy needed serious attention from a big cock for it was craving a good stuffing to satisfy her. After a couple of days trying and stuffing any object I could find up her pussy she was still a time bomb waiting to explode. With it being four days before Jeff was to get back I decided to take matters into my own hands. I called my old pal Steve who Jeff had forbid her to see and invited him and told him to bring several friends of his who had never met her for some cards and beer. Steve jumped at the chance since the last seemed not to work he had been waiting for another chance. Not saying a thing to my wife the guest arrived that night right on time. Harriet was in the tub and did not know who was at the door. After I was introduced to the four guys Steve had brought with him I served each a beer and told them to make it their home and I would be back in a sec. I walked into the bedroom as my wife was exiting her bath. As she dressed I told her who had dropped by and we were going to play a few cards in the rec room. I told her if she felt some what horney she could make the rules or even break them as she wished tonight. I left her with that thought and went back to the guys. Before the cards were dealt I told them I had to explain a few things first. I began with each of them could stand a good chance of fucking my beautiful wife if she wants to. I then had each ones attention now and explained the sitution of our marriage and how she loved fucking hung men or to put it simple she loves huge extra thick cocks plowing in and out of her hungrym pussy. I told thm she had not been serviced in over two weeks and was running wet and hot. I told them of our only rule of no kissing above the neck and said I hope you all have a great night. As we played cards the time started slipping by as some thirty minutes or so had passed and no sign of her. Tony excused himself for the rest room and had not returned in some ten minutes I went to look for him. When I reached the bath rom door and seeing it was opened over half way I walked past it and looked into the spare bedroom and my wife was on all fours at the edge of the bed giving him perfect height to her twat and he was banging her as hard as he could with a well pump handle of a dick. He was plowing her so hard and stuffing her pussy with his mammoth black snack she was breathless and not making a sound. After several minutes of him plowing her pussy apart he withdrew his rod and sit down in a chair and motioned for her and she walked over and stradled his enormus black cat and engulfe it with her wide open bald pussy and started riding it up and down with a pounded like she likes. Harriet would pull almost all the way off and then with a little help from him slamming her hips with his hands went all the way down on his pole with ever thrust.Later we would find out Tony had a 12 and a half inch cock that also measured a little over five inches round. He was like a battering ram slamming his black pole in and out of my insatiable wife. They must have fucked a good 15 minutes as hard as they could when he slammed it as far as he could and emptied his large sack deep inside her plowed open pussy. After a few minutes of catching their breath Steve walked past me at the door and pulled her almost lifeless body off his hugh pole and dove her tits and started sucking them Randy then cleaned her twat with a towel and rammed his thick black meat to the hilt with his first thrust and did not slow down till he added his load in her pussy. In no time all four black men were naked either on or around the bed she lay naked on.As each began taking turns in which every hole was available I went upstairs to take a shower and jack off. I returned down stairs an hour later and each was still wanting more. After watching her get it from every direction and postion I went to bed . Looking at the clock I was only going to get three hours and it would be time for work . I left them fucking my wife down stairs and went to sleep upstairs. In the next three hours she was fucked long and hard. As I went past the rom on my way out they were stiil stuffing her in each hole. When I called at ten it was stil going on. I dropped by at one after having lunch to find her in the shower with two of the guys who I had left her with. But sitting in the rec room naked were three men who were not present when I left. Steve said they had needed reenforcements and hoped I did not mind. I told him as long as its fine with her. I left to go back to work meeting two more newcomers at the door. When I came home from work at three taking two hours off early to check on her. As I walked in the last two were leaving which left only Steve who had set it up for me. He stayed to make sure it went with her consent the entire time in which it did. I then ask him not who since I did not know them but how many did he invite and did each one invited god her a 1 servic job. He assured me she was the best and all ten of his friends agreed and wanted to play again. After he left I walked into our spare bedroom and there lay my beautiful wife with jism all over and leaking rom each of her three holes that she was ganged fucked in. Her pussy and asshole looked as if they were one big hole with a steady stream of cum leaking from it. Her mouth had a ring of dried cum on it but she smiled when she seen me and I told her to get some est. As she closed her eyes she said thanks and I love you . I knew that I loved her also

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Great story!!! I like your style. . and your wife seems hot

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