i am insatiable tonight!  

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8/25/2006 12:46 am

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i am insatiable tonight!

Today I went to Denver to take the kids to their cousins' house where I hoped to drop them off for an hour or so so that I could play with a yahoo IM contact. No such luck, but I had gotten damn horny thinking about him, and we talked on the phone and I got wet just hearing his voice. So I go back home with 1 kid in tow (the other stayed the night).

I get online and chat for a while, getting hotter and hotter (the one kid is in bed napping while i am trying to get someone to service me). Finally the Mr comes home and we fuck on the futon in a few positions. He explodes in my pussy and we lay there, panting. But I need more - I crave more cock and cum.

A friend of ours is going through a rough patch. I offer to come over and 'console' him...after getting his engine fired up with thoughts of me being fucked 6 ways from Sunday. He agrees readily and the Mr oks it and I clean up, get dressed, and head to his place. He is waiting outside for me, and gives me a kiss in greeting. He hasn't shaved recently (maybe this morning?), and his rough cheeks turned me on. We go inside, and he kisses me deeper...more passionately...making soft moaning happy noises. I think I reciprocated but to be honest I was lost in the kisses. We go to his bedroom where this huge bed...tall and wide...is waiting for us. Lights go out...we kiss and he pushes me onto the bed. Well..pushed me into the bed and I sneaked up onto it. I sit there and he and I kiss. I take his belt off...undo his jeans and slide them off. I am rubbing the large bulge in his pants.

My shirt and bra come off as he is kissing me all down my neck...his lips move toward my nipples. His fingers play with one while his mouth gives the other a helluva once-over.

The next hour flew by. I sucked his big cock and he moaned and talked dirty to me and said how much he loved what I was doing. I LOVE it when a guy will tell me what he likes...and talk dirty to me. And make me talk dirty to him. I melted every time he would say "tell me how you like my cock in your mouth/pussy"...*GUSH* all over.

He fucked me missionary style, with my bullet vibrating my clit between us. I got off on his cock. I rode his big cock and came twice with the bullet stimulating my clit and his rock hard cock bouncing against my pussy walls. I went down on him again and sucked and licked and tugged. Back to missionary and his big cock thrusting in and out made me moan so loud! I wish the Mr had been there to see it - he would have been stroking his cock over my face which would have made me writhe and cum harder. As the wonderful man got close...he made me tell him how good his big cock felt in my wet pussy. I begged him to cum in my wet pussy so I could feel his throbbing cock in my wet, hot pussy. I told him I loved his big cock stretching my tight pussy. I loved his balls slapping against my ass. I loved his cock and please, please would he cum for me. I want to feel that big cock cum in my pussy. I begged him to cum for me, deep in my honeypot. He came hard with a bang. I arched my back and came with him.

He fell onto my chest and I held him close for a few minutes...not letting him get up...squeezing my pussy around his still throbbing, shrinking cock. When he was fully flacid I let him up, both of us still panting, and we kissed again. He walked me to my car as we talked about nothing. We shared a tender kiss and I drove off.

I come home to find the Mr stroking his cock for two girls on cam. I sneak in and start licking and sucking his cock. The girls seem to like it a lot. We move on to the Mr nibbling my breasts. More rave reviews from the peanut gallery. Then the Mr takes me from behind and pounds me hard for the cam, cumming inside me so hard it comes back out and runs down my legs. I love our ritual reclaiming of my pussy as his own!!

And now it is almost 2am, and I am STILL horny. I want more cock, and I want to eat a pussy at the same time. I want 3 cocks and a pussy, really, then more and more. I cannot get enough sex tonight!!!

snowblind719 46M

8/26/2006 1:09 am

You sound amazing, theres nothing better than a woman who knows how to please a man.Your sexual energy intrigues me,making me very curious.Would love to meet you one day and see this for myself.

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