booooringgggg - or not...  

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6/6/2006 9:25 am
booooringgggg - or not...

i realized recently that i have to be the only blog i have looked at that does not post personal sexual encounters. SO I am thinking about branching out so that I can have more posts and more reasons for you to love me (am i really this conceited?).

So yes I had sex alst night and it was ass was up in the air and the Mr was leaning on my shoulders and the cum inside me was so sweet...buuut i am not going to get into it.

Almost had another mfm last night. I was online with a guy I have been flirting with and I playfully asked the Mr if the guy could come over and he said...'yes.' I was blindsided. I stammered and stuttered and flitted about wondering where that came from. My Mr is a very conservative guy...not one to fling out invitations to fuck his wife willy nilly. By the time I was too late for him to come over. So we are planning on another night.

I have really loosened up since April 10th when I joined a ff. And I really think the lifestyle might just be perfect for us. I am less stressed in my daily life, which is good. I am more open sexually and stuff. The only thing is....i wonder if my family is starting to notice? They have not said anything and i have no indication that they might suspect something weird is going on. However, since I have noticed a change I am wondering if they have too. My friends have noticed but only a small change. I was always more open with them than my family. So maybe it is a summertime thing. I dunno - trying not to think much into it. If I stress over it, then it will be very apparent.

For the Mr's birthday we are going to the Mon Chalet in denver. We hope to meet a couple there and have a rockin night. I also know a couple of very sweet men in denver i want to meet but since it is husband's birthday...i don't know. He has expressed an interest in meeting them IF the couple is unable to show. The Mr's bday is later this month.

There is a party this saturday that i want to go to so badly BUT I work till 8-9pm at least, and it will be a 12-13 hour day so I told the Mr he has to go without me. He was hesitant at first but I know he will be more uninhibited without me there (like i am without him) and I hope he scores some good pussy. If he doesn't I will be upset that I did not go instead! LOL *sigh* but i am sure he will be nervous and he may not get anything so ladies...if you are going to the Luau...and you like my Mr...please make the first move!!!! *giggle* He is too much of a gentleman to assume that you want him. He is smokin hot so i am sure you do....

ANyway I am off to hang out with my kids. I hope you all have a good day!!

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