The Mon Chalet...  

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6/26/2006 11:08 am
The Mon Chalet...

Last week was the Mr's birthday. I took him to the Mon Chalet in Denver...a motel catering to the lifestyle. We rented the biggest single room suite. We arranged to meet a couple at the pool. We were late (long story - our dog had cluster seizures and had to run to the vet then the animal ER for overnight seizure watch).

We get there and the Mr and I have a quickie on the bed. It was hot and heavy....mirrors everywhere, mood lighting, bubble panel lights...very cool. A little cheesy and questionable but cool. We hurridly put our bathing suits on and head off to the clothing-optional poolhouse. Everyone but us is naked but I don't do public nudity so i kept the stuff on. The pool is warm and inviting. A huge screen is playing porn on one end. Not that have done without the porn. But we talk and laugh and have fun with the couple we met. We move on to the hot tub. It is paritally secluded so i removed the top of my suit and let my nipples out of the water.They were erect...and inviting i swear.

We move from the hot tub to the poolside and we invite the couple back to our room. We all pile on the bed and flip on the tv...we see porn. So we flip between all the porn channels and critique it. Cheering and groaning where appropriate. I want to make a move and proceed with some swap but i am not sure what to do. I mean...we have had a single person with us before but not a couple. And the woman is bi but I have never done anything with a woman before and the couple expressed to us many times that we were supposed to make the first moves. Which frankly sucks for me since I am open to everything but if you put me on the spot I freeze and my mind goes blank.

The Mr decides to make a move on the wife. He starts to suck her nipple...which gets me horny and so i snuggle up with the husband and he strokes my breasts. I stroke his cock. He briefly plays with my nips and then i move to suck his big cock. He is a little thicker then the Mr and a little longer too but harder to suck properly. I suck him for a few minutes...alternating sucking hard and soft. My tongue is massaging him, etc. I notice the Mr is going down on the wife while i am going down on the husband. My jaw gets tired so i sit back. The Mr is now being sucked my the wife. I later find out he got off in her mouth.

The husband has me lay back and he moves to go down on me. His tongue parts my lips for a brief moment. Then he sits in front of me and fingers me only. Now to be honest I was not all that happy with it. I like a tongue on my clit before fingers. But I understand that we were just in the pool and i might taste like chlorine or smell bad or something. I am starting to dry out down there. The husband starts using ice on me. It was cold and dried me out further. I really wanted this to work...I am trying so hard to get in the mood again. So i have the husband stop and i go down on him again.

The husband is making happy noises. I am using my teeth and my tongue and getting his thick cock as far into my mouth as I can. I want him to either get off or tell me he wants to fuck my pussy. I mean, communication is key here. He says nothing so I keep sucking. He is stroking my thighs and butt while i suck on him. Now that feels good...he is very gentle. I am getting wet again.

Very soon thereafter I am getting bored. The husband FINALLY asks if i am willing to use a condom. I agree then fumble with it - I rarely use them and i never have to put them on - so i give it to him. I straddle him and put his cock inside me and start pumping on him. squeezing my already tight pussy around his big thick cock. It feels pretty good inside. It doesn't take long and the husband is making cumming noises. He is smiling and I am happy. I squeeze my pussy around him more. Every time i do he grunts again. I got the impression that it feels good to him. I look up and see the Mr and the wife fucking hard in the steam habitat thingie near the whirlpool tub. Watching his hips bang into another woman makes me a good way. Never thought I would feel that way!!

So the couple leaves and the Mr and I swap experiences. I told him I was upset that he got off in her mouth and she swallowed, so it is something we will not do again. Not sure why it bothered me...and it was not jelousy but more of a hot rock in my stomach and a feeling of despair.

The porn is still on and the Mr and I make love slowly. It ends in him cumming inside me and me cumming too - at the same time. We lay back and watch the porn sleepily. He gets a bug up his butt and goes down on me...and I cum...then he fucks me hard and I cum again and I grind on him and cum again....the Mr can make me cum very well.

All in all I got off 6 times AFTER the couple left. The next day, on our way back home, we pulled off hwy 105 and found a secluded area and fucked again. Oh, and before we even left denver we went shopping for a cute outfit for me and ended up fucking and sucking in the dressing room.

I had about 8 Os over the 24 hour period, and the Mr had at least 4 or 5. It was great. We WILL be going back to the Mon...maybe in a few months.

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