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9/1/2006 2:23 am

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Mr Loves Me

Tonight (well last night really) I was going out with a girl friend to Cowboys to shoot pool. The kids are gettin to bed on time...and the Mr gets frisky the moment their door is closed. We move into our room and kiss deeply...I suck his tongue, tug his lip...deep passionate kisses.

The Mr helps me take off my pants and sits me on the bed. He begins to remove his clothes...bottoms first. He left his button-down work shirt on becuase I love taking them off him...especially when he wears a clean white undershirt! So sitting there, his cock peeking out from the shirt in front, I undo the buttons on his shirt with my teeth. He slides his shirt open and moves to lay me down and he enters me. *swoon*

The Mr slides his hard cock in and out of my pussy for a few minutes...then goes down and starts to eat me. His tongue is eagerly lapping at my clit and sucking me. His tongue delves into my pussy and comes back out to lick my clit again. I beg him to fuck me...and he does! He comes back up, positions himself, and pounds his cock into my pussy. I am so wet and hot.

I ask him to please pull out and shot his cum all over my pussy. I beg him to pound me harder as I massage my breasts and bite my lip for him. My back arches as he pounds me...I am so close to cumming! He asks if I want his cum all over me and I beg him to shoot his load on my pussy. He pulls out as I spread my pussy lips open and he cums on my clit and I cum as his cream runs into my clit, warm and sticky, and drips ino my pussy and along my ass. My hand reaches down and guides his cock to my clit, rubbing it on me. My clit is throbbing and the Mr takes his cock and rubs it along my slit and rams his hard cock back into my pussy. He strokes slowly for a few minutes, as i writhe inderneath him, moaning and whimpering with ecstacy.

We move into the shower and get cleaned up. We are all over each other - touching, kissing, caressing... I am just rinsing my hair as I feel the pouf on my skin...the Mr is washing my body. We have not done anything this intimate in a long time...since before kids anyway. He carefully washes my breasts and stomach...moves to my legs. He cleans a finger or two and slides them into my still wet pussy. He fingers me as his other hand washes me. I turn around and he washed my back. His fingers slid over my ass and played with my ass for a while. I pushed back into him it felt so good. Then he pulled me close and fondled my breasts and his hard cock slid around my pussy. His fingers made it to my clit and he stroked me again.

Nibbling my neck, he finished our shower together. He got out, I finished rinsing...and got ready for my night out with the girl. We had a blast shooting pool then went to Perkins to talk for a while. I hope to see her again soon...she is fun to be around.

swngcplncosco 39M/35F

9/1/2006 9:24 am

I'm glad you don't mind sharing! And WOW! What a hot and intimate shower! *SWOON*

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