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9/11/2006 2:55 am

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I wish I had the energy to post this sooner. I was SO SATISFIED Friday night by...ooo should i say it?...my favorite playmate. He and I played and he was my 1st real 1-on-1 way back in Juneish. Anyway he is as close to the Mr as a man can get sexual-energy and attention-wise. So of course he is my fav.

The Mr told me to schedule time with him since I had not seen him in months and he and I only talk on IM after it is too late to play (he lives a ways away... )

I get to his house, walk in the door, and he kisses me deeply. We just stand there kissing for what seemed like a brief eternity. I never wanted to end...and although the night progressed to more, it became better and better. And ended all too soon!

My shirt is removed as we kiss. I was wearing a black knit top that hugs my curves with a lace border, off the shoulder. I had on a black lace cleavage-enhancing bra (the same as in the photo on my profile so you KNOW my boobs looked great! )and black lace panties with studded patchwork jeans. He looks at my breasts in the bra and says "pretty!" and proceeds to kiss my breasts all over while removing my bra. So here I am, standing inches from his front door, with no shirt or bra on and a man attatched to every part of my breasts. It was amazing. He says to me "we need to get you upstairs." So we kiss a little more and I dash upstairs to see what he has in store for me.

His room is lit with vanilla-scented candles. His King size bed has fresh sheets. I turn around to see him standing there and we embrace again. I remove my pants while kissing him and he removes his bathrobe. We continue to kiss as i guide him to the bed...I want a taste of his cock. Last time I barely got to lick it before we had sex!

He lays on the bed, and I lick from his balls to the tip of his cock. My mouth encases his cock and I try to remember to suck, massage with my tongue, and bob onto his cock all at the same time. I was so clouded by the smell and prospect of sex in the room...I can barely rememebr how long the BJ lasted, and how many times I sucked his balls. I do remember that he enjoyed it...when I sucked his balls I heard small gasps!

He pulls me off his cock and lays me down on the bed...kisses me...then moves South. His tongue parts my lower lips and circles my clit. He eats me with such confidence and ease I just have to cum once or twice. I beg him to fuck me...slide his cock into my pussy...and he teases with his tongue.

Finally he comes up and kisses me deeply and I can taste myself on his lips and his tongue. I like it. He sits up and I guide his cock into my pussy. His cock sliding into my pussy felt just awe inspiring. The only better feeling is the Mr's cock sliding in.... The man slid slowly in and out of me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I concentrated on the feeling of his hard inches maneuvering around inside me. He moved at an angle...he slid it in straight...he made little circles...oh it all felt so damn good!

My pussy clenched around him as he slid in and out. He began to talk dirty to me...telling me he wanted to cum in my pussy bareback...make it all cum out and ooze all over my pussy and ass. For a second I was taken aback....I looked at him and said he couldn't...condoms always and all that. No one bareback but hubby...I was a little afraid I would not be able to play with him anymore! But he said "i know...but we can talk about how great it would be, right?" I smile and lay back, again basking in the glow of great sex. My pussy clenched more and more...the man got hotter and closer to cumming. He said he liked fucking another man's wife...which made me feel dirty and so horny. I told him to fuck my pussy...fuck the Mr's wife so hard...give me his cum.

The man decides to cum on my stomach...he pulls out and within moments hot, sticky cum is spraying all over me. I feel so dirty and I like it...I actually had an orgasm while he was spraying me with his cream. Weird but fun.

The man cleans us both up and we lay in bed, panting. A few minutes go by, and we begin to kiss again. He rolls me onto my back and again slides his hard cock into my pussy. He thrusts for a few minutes, with my moans and exclamations of his name the only sounds...and I ask if i can be on top. He agrees and we roll over so I am on top riding his fine cock. I ride him slow, and fast, siting high and leaning forward. His grunts and moans quicken...I can tell he is going to cum. He grabs my hips and thrusts from below. I stop and let him thrust and then begin to ride him in rhythm with his own thrusts. His grip on my hips gets firmer, he pulls me onto his cock and cums deep inside, throbbing. When he is done, I slide off and he cleans himself off.

We chat for the next 10-15 minutes about stuff...he is an interesting guy whom i love chatting with online and in person. The Mr calls to let me know it is late and I have to work in the am. I agree, hang up, then lean over for a kiss. I end up giving his cock a kiss, which had hardened again. I just had to have a lick. Then I had to have a little suck...I ended up giving him a short blowjob, then went for a goodnight kiss and he again mounted me and slid his cock into me. I did not want the night to end so I obliged happily, knowing that we both were aware that it was to be a quickie. I stop the man after only a few thrusts and deep kisses.

I roll over and allow him to enter my pussy from behind. Oh man oh man...this man is great in any position!!! His thick cock pounds my pussy and I am telling him how good his cock feels in my hot, wet, tight pussy. I tell him I love the way he fucks me. He wants to cum all over my ass. I beg him to do so...to please cum on my naughty ass. The man pulls out and a moment later i feel his cock resting on an asscheek, throbbing. There is cum splashing my ass and lower back. So hot and sticky and SUCH a turnon for me. When he is done, he cleans off my ass and watches as i get dressed. More deep kisses and I am at the door. He pulls me close for one last kiss and we agree to get together again soon.

I want him again. asap!

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9/11/2006 3:38 am

I need more coffee now! WOW!!!!!

Purry รถ


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9/12/2006 4:33 pm

Pretty fricking hot

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1/24/2007 10:02 pm

Great story. Loved it. It seems I had some sort of reaction to this story.

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