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westhill2006 54M

6/15/2006 11:52 am

Here,here,no more a beautiful sight...

florallei replies on 6/15/2006 11:55 am:
Hello K,

So glad to hear from you...TY for your friendship...


funintheday2006 57M
9659 posts
6/15/2006 9:15 pm

Mmmm, the eroticism as a woman travels down the body, brushing away inhibitions with hair and lips. the smell and taste of a neck behind a curtain of sensuality.
Yep, thats for me, need a shower now

florallei replies on 6/15/2006 9:45 pm:
Hello Fun,

You never fail to make me tingle inside...I too will need a shower now...


volcanoinu23 54M

6/16/2006 5:44 am

I had a four day date with a woman from Finland. She had short hair and frankly that was a real switch for me. I love and desire my woman to have long flowing hair. I found that the passion that she exuded more than made up for the lack of long hair.

Quietly, I was dissapointed though, it was one less thing that I had to touch in that certain sensual way.

I am currently seeing a woman with fairly short hair. The other day, she showed me her driver's licence when it was much longer. I stared at it longingly, thinking about how much enjoyment I get out of running my fingers through it now. I said something and narrowly avoided the perverbial "dog house".

No matter what you inclinations are, you had better be satisfied with what is there in the here and now or be prepared to suffer the consequences!

florallei replies on 6/16/2006 9:09 am:
TY Volcano,

Your honesty I truly respect yet as you say at times just accept what is "here and now"...I know having my hair long requires a lot of effort but worth it and when a man really likes it and strokes it...the feminine part of me is nourished and encouraged...


14 posts
6/16/2006 9:17 am

Long hair on women rule! to me it is one of the most attractive things a woman can posses.
I am sure you have wonderful locks.


florallei replies on 6/16/2006 9:22 am:

TY for your visit and your response...all throughtout history a woman's hair, it's length have been considered a crown of modern still remains so...I am blessed to have soft curls that cascades down however I straighten it to make me look more Asian...I am a mix of Asian/spanish/Irish.

Hugs, Florallei

14 posts
6/16/2006 10:25 pm

U must be drop dead gorgeous...

demonicsexkitten 42F
10688 posts
6/18/2006 5:03 am

my hair is thigh length. i wanted long hair since i was a kid too. In kindergarten... my hair was about ear length. it was never allowed to be longer than shoulder length with my dad. I had a substitute kindergarten teacher with hair so long she sat on it all the time. That's my earliest memory of awe, and i wanted hair that long ever since. mom says there was another woman i was totally taken with about the same time, a child protective services worker (i also told her i wanted to do that for a career), but i don't remember that much. in 9th grade i let my hair start growing long.

i love the feel of it against my back. I use my hair to caress my partner's body... and when i'm on top, and tip my head back a bit, my hair can caress my back/butt, and his thighs/balls at the same time. he loves that.

it also works as a good cover once had a friend walk into my bedroom, i was completely naked. but he didn't see a thing cuz my hair was covering everything.

florallei replies on 6/18/2006 10:07 am:
Hello Dsk,

I had goosebumps all over reading your comment...TY very much...I know exactly what you are saying about caressing one's lover when making is so sexy and seductive and alluring for both...
I don't ever recall anyone in my past having long hair...I just wanted it...but now as a mature woman and when I see another woman with long hair...I see the pride in her eyes...
TY and Hugs,

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