Thank God for late trains...  

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12/2/2005 3:38 am

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Thank God for late trains...

It was a bit of a nightmare journey to work this morning. As usual, the train was delayed, so when it did eventually turn up, it was crammed to the rafters. I managed to force my way onboard but I had to stand. Great - standing all the way to Victoria I thought. But the journey soon flew by when I felt someone pushing up against me.

In the crush, there was this tall, sexy, gorgeous looking girl brushing up against me in the squeeze.

She seemed pretty embarrassed about it, smiling in that "commuter" way. I was pretty embarrassed about it too, but for utterly different reasons. This delicious creature was giving me a boner that could cut diamonds!

I was telling my self she couldn't notice, but she seemed to be smiling at me slightly differently as the journey wore on.

Every bump and turn of the train was exquisite and yet painful as I tried to hide the effect it had on me. I could feel her sexy ripe arse rubbing against me through her knee-length
skirt, and every now and again her oh-so-sexy red hair, pulled back into a high ponytail would brush my face... it smelled fantastic.

It was almost a disappointment when we arrived
and piled off the train, me smiling sheepishly at her again. Fortunately for me, she wouldn't be getting away so quickly... the gates were playing up again too and with the backlog of people queuing to get out, we'd be here a while. I couldn't let this siren just walk away from
my life, so I took a deep breath, caught her eye and said:

"It never rains but it pours eh?" grinning...
and adding "My name's Alex by the way."

Expecting another half-hearted smile, I was delighted when her face softened, she smiled and replied: "The rail network's crap eh? And my name's Claire, hi." proffering me a delicate hand.

As we shuffled along the platform, we chatted more - she works in publishing; has two cats; etc. And soon we were headed for the Tube.

Another lucky break for me, we were both going to catch it. As I was praying she was headed my
way, the Gods smiled on me again. The backlog of passengers had now moved on to the Tube and the station was closed to clear the jam of people.

Seizing my chance I said: "Where do you work? I'm headed for Mayfair and I know a shortcut if you fancy the walk?" my cock leapt when she grinned again saying:

"Lead the way."

As we wend our way through the London streets, my mind was racing. This vision of sexiness was just too much to get out of my mind. All I could think about was her naked, how her nipples would look erect, how wet her pussy would be, if she would moan or gasp as I slid my cock into her. My mind utterly elsewhere, I'd led us into the middle of nowhere - the streets getting narrower and darker, the people we passed less and less frequent.

She stopped, suddenly near a doorway: "You're
lost aren't you?" she grinned. I laughed, nodded
and explained I'd not been paying attention. "Why's that? What's distracting you?" she smiled, slyly.

That was it, I had to kiss that smile. I leaned in and to the bulge in my trousers' delight she pushed forwards into my kiss, our lips crushing together wonderfully.

I pushed her backwards into the doorway, both of us fighting for breath as we kissed, our tongues battling with each other, seeking out the other's mouth. My hands slid up her smooth, long legs as she wrapped hers around my neck, twisting her fingers in my hair... gasping as I passed the tops of her nut-bustingly sexy hold-ups, finding the soft flesh of her inner thighs, my fingers brushing the thin material surrounding her pussy, already radiating heat.

I pulled her knickers to one side, feeling the moistness in the material and dragging a finger over her puffy wet cunt-lips... parting them as I sought out her clit... finally brushing near it, drawing another gasp from her.

Feeling the wetness of her snatch was just too much for both of us. Her hands and mine met at my crotch as we struggled to free my rock-hard member from my trousers and boxers.

Soon it was free, bobbing into the cool morning air... her fingers instinctively wrapping around it's length, squeezing it, hard once... twice... milking up and down the hot, thick shaft a few times before she steered it towards her dripping pussy.

Tipping my body forwards, she leapt backwards, clamping her legs around my waist expertly as my swollen cock-head nudged against her... making both of us shudder in anticipation.

With both my hands clamped on her gorgeous arse I slowly bucked forwards, my fat bell-end suddenly popping into her moist cunt drawing another gasp from her and low grunt from me.

"Don't hang around" she barked "Fuck
the shit out of me... I NEED it." she hissed in my ear.

Jesus she was so sexy! I didn't need asking twice and with another buck of my hips, I slammed my cock all the way into her, feeling her delicious, hot wetness gripping the length of my shaft, her tightness almost milking me,
trying to suck the cum up from my balls.

As she buried her face in my neck, I saw her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her top as I started to slide my length in and out of her, slowly at first, but soon picking
up pace... driving harder, and harder into her with each stroke... deeper and deeper, until my balls were slapping against her wet snatch, aching to unload in her.

She reached around under me, just lightly, dragging her nails over my laden nut-sack and that was it.... I groaned, shoving my cock into her as far as it would go... feeling the tip of my cock explode as I gushed hot spunk into her.

She smiled that cock-wrenching smile again... and climbed down from the doorway, straightening her clothes.

Winking, she tucked her business card into my top pocket and strode off down the street.

flithymind 40M
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12/5/2005 5:12 am

Silhouette: oddly, that hadn't occured to me, but you're quite right of course. I guess it's that element of 'surprise' that's kinda hot.

However, I do take 'requests' if you've got a preferred situation?

(Princess Lips)

12/6/2005 11:21 am


how about ON the train?


hotlips0275 43F

12/6/2005 8:01 pm

new to our blog, but baby i'm cummin back. thanks for the stories.

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