why people on here cant keep it real??  

flava718 39F
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2/6/2006 8:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

why people on here cant keep it real??

they put up fake pictures, make up a bunch of lies of how they look, and there life its so sad that a total strager would lie for no reason

swollenmemb05 53M
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2/12/2006 1:02 pm

hi flava,yes it may seem that most of them would lie and put fake pictures of themselves and it is sad that they would do that,i am glad that you seem to be true to yourself and i hope you do not let these things get in the way of your needs ,hopes and wants,i am writing to you for encouragement and hopefully you find what your looking for ,,,ciao for now from a warm hearted male,,xoxo

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