On Tilt!!  

flagg134 37M
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8/28/2006 5:19 pm

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On Tilt!!

Tilt's a poker term it means to get emotionally involved in the game. It happens to people when they lose hands that statiscally they really shouldn't. It manifests itself in two ways either the person becomes outraged and plays foolishly aggressive or paranoid and overly cautious. Neither is good there needs to be a balance in the way you play.

Well the recent events of my life have put me there for a while in cautious mode. I have been lethargic and rather uninspired about things almost. Unnaffected, unfazed and completely removed from the situation. Its sort of a defense mechanism instead of allowing doubt and worry which would be normal and in small doses helpful to me.

Well I'm awake now and see more clearly my situation. While its far from dire it needed to be addressed and I haven't done much to in my haze. I'm getting my life together and I have little doubt I'll be ok life just tends to work that way. Things fall into place at least for a time, till life decides to shake things up again. I'm finally learning how to swallow some pride and take a hand from friends, which have been very supportive despite my shaking them off, I'm undeserving of it especially given the way I've acted.


cactusass 57F

8/28/2006 8:13 pm

glad to see things are getting better sweetie. if ya ever need to vent, thats what friends are here for. i've been there before, its tough to shake.

Gossip_Anyone 42F

8/28/2006 8:30 pm

go high or go home, boys!

themisskrissy 58F
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8/28/2006 9:32 pm


Patrick darlin, i see you are GETTING IT!!! woohoo... well up until the last line..... but i see definite progress!!

hope to catch ya 'round the campfire again soon!

Virtue Alone Ennobles

JazzDlight 61F

8/29/2006 4:43 am

We all go through this at one time or another you are not alone and yes it is hard to accept help of any kind. We think that just because we are grown ups/adults that we should be able to handle on our own anything that comes our way be it good or bad without any help but sometimes that is not the case. I have learned it is okay to accept help when needed. I will be contacting you soon as to when Dru and I will be coming up to NYC for the day. It will be a Sat in October. I sure hope it is not the same time the other women are coming up or you will be a busy man! lol When I contact you I hope you get my email and your response comes to my mail box this time. tc Hugs, Jazz

JazzDlight 61F

8/29/2006 5:16 am

Also you are very lucky to have friends like that..not all of us are that fortunate.

SensuousWoman3 56F
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8/29/2006 4:23 pm

Of course you’re feeling better now that you’ve got that jackass monkey of a boss off your back! Job stress is the biggest mind fuck man will ever know. Even though we know things are bad, I often think we don’t really realize just how bad things were and just how much they undermined us until we’re gone. It’s a regular NIGHTMARE.

Let your friends be friends to you---it’s insulting to them if you don’t.

Now about what SSS had to say:

SW3 ----- > "Who do you think will come out with us?"
Me----- > "It might just be you, me and Flagg dead drunk in some dive on the lower east side"
SW3-----> "Oh, ok, that sounds good"

See how easy I am to please? If I am not your get-along-girl, I don't know who is!

Hippink 36F  
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8/29/2006 6:34 pm

I've been there... a few times!
Glad to see you're finding your way out of the funk.
Hippie XXX

How to Get Laid on AFF The Basics
Have fun, play safe!

flagg134 37M
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8/29/2006 7:12 pm

SSS: It was a bad state to be in I don't know if I would call it depression though. I was knocked out of reality and kind of watched the world go on while I stood still for a while. Which is fine for a little while but not for a prolonged period.

Oh I wouldn't dare think of keeping her under control in fact I'd love to see what hi-jinx the two of you could get into together. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

DBG: Its good to have friends now I just need to be more open to accepting their help instead of seeing it as using them. Oh well someday I'll get over this pride thing.

Gossip: Very true I hate when things are just that simple and I dont get it.

TMK: Yeah I'm starting to get this thing they call life and leaning on others a bit its not in my character to do so. Yet I don't look down on others that need help only myself.

Jazz: Exactly thats what I've been taught as a kid that you are supposed to be able to take care of yourself. I pretty much have taken care of myself for a good while but without any help we all fall on our faces in one way or another. As for meeting in NY it sounds like a lot of fun you and druid seem like nice people. Me busy though nahhh I couldnt get a date if I tried.

SW3: You are so right my ex-supervisor was a backstabbing asshole who sniped at me endlessly. A thankless position by and large that just took everything out of me. I am truly glad that it is over to be honest.

Hippie: Yup digging a ditch isn't fun but at least I decided to climb out instead of laying down and dying.


JazzDlight 61F

8/30/2006 9:20 am

You not get a date? Man I find that hard to believe, just look at on the women on your blog..I bet if you asked any one of them out..they would all jump at the chance. Just pace yourself lol. Hugs, Jazz

flagg134 37M
1582 posts
8/30/2006 11:48 pm

Oh Jazz I have no doubt that any of these women would decline to go out with me simply just to meet me as friends though. Me not get a date believe it not in quite a while.


woofff 42F

9/25/2006 1:21 am

Thanks. I like how you write.


woofff 42F

9/26/2006 9:35 pm

    Quoting flagg134:
    Oh Jazz I have no doubt that any of these women would decline to go out with me simply just to meet me as friends though. Me not get a date believe it not in quite a while.

    RF N
Why??? You're so obviously a warm and intelligent guy.

Good luck you.

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