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10/19/2005 5:33 pm

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The Club Roster

<<sign in and speak your mind...>>>

Five Pizza Club


1. You need to love pizza and eat it at least one time a week, or at least try to, or better well have got a damned good excuse.

2. There is no good excuse.


1. Everyone is an officer of the club.

2. Only officers are entitled to an opinion.

3. Opinions are like Pizza, everyone can have some.

4. You must state your favorite toppings, and if approriate, you favored type of crust.

5. The President of the club, me, i.e. "him" rules anchovies are delicious.

6. The President of the club, me, i.e. "him" rules that I can make you a member of this club without your express consent, if I think you like Pizza.


0. Me. Five4321go. (AKA 5, fivers, pizza freak). Founding Father/President.

I like thin crust pepperoni and anchovi, also like plain pepperoni, or pepperoni and green pepper, or jalapeno, or sausage, or black olives, or black and green olives, or green olives, and onion, and tomatoes, and I pretty much like anything. I LOVE PIZZA!!!!!

1. Mayb (AKA THE Maybs, the mayb babe, or hawtie). Officership: Vice President

five4321go (M) serious, how serious are you about pizza? [ 6:27 PM CDT]
mayb2hot4u (F) I likes meat only 5 ty [ 6:27 PM CDT]
seriouslilhottie (F) any boys wanna webbcam with me on m-s-n? add me AdultFriendFinder ... muah xoxo [ 6:27 PM CDT]
mayb2hot4u (F) what 978? [ 6:27 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) what is your fave slice Mayb? [ 6:27 PM CDT]
seriouslilhottie (F) Watch out! seriouslilhottie is ready for a fight! [ 6:26 PM CDT]
mayb2hot4u (F) k, that'll work 5 [ 6:26 PM CDT]
lovemachine978 (M) matb2 i think maybe not [ 6:26 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) mayb, I want to make you VP ok? [ 6:26 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) Mayb, 8 members thus far , ya want me to email it to you once I work on it? [ 6:26 PM CDT]
mayb2hot4u (F) 5 did ya get all the peeps on there [ 6:26 PM CDT]

2. Just 2 (AKA THE shug). Officership: Senior Taste Tester :

Just2Sweet2 YUKKKK...... anchovies.....
Date: Oct 9, 2005 11:31 PM CDT
Subject: RE: welcome to my crazy pizza club!
> hi....I wanna order a large thin crust, canadian bacon, mushrooms,onions,olives,bellpepper and extra cheese. Thats for delivery and do you accept coupons?.....

(President Remarks: Anchovies have rights, and it is my right to consume them, enjoy them, and gross you out by eating them and liking it.)

3. Madass (AKA the aka mad butt, Maddy, the mad hatter ...): Officership: Minister of Education:

angryyet (M) being pontified is still.... cracking me the fuck up! [ 4:57 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) heya pope, way to go... sending you latest roster [ 4:56 AM CDT]
angryyet (M) Blessings to all from the Pope [ 4:56 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) lmao@ 5, a soft cock is someone i refer to that has no balls, no guts, is a whimp!!!! lol [ 4:55 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) hallo? [ 4:55 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) hmmmwhat? soft cocks? limp roosters? what? [ 4:52 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) no, no extra olives or mushroom, we had soft cocks eating wit us, and they werent as keen as i!!! LOL [ 4:52 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) atta grrl... EXTRA mushroom and olives? hell ya you still hold officership [ 4:51 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) woooow 5, ya doin gr8!! am i still minister for education? [ 4:50 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) 5..welllll tuesday night we had pineapple of course and meat lovers, and thuraday night we had supreme, no pine, meat lovers and double cheese burger pizza!!!! [ 4:49 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) crack is whack brewer [ 4:48 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) Atta grrl maddy, what kind? [ 4:48 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) 5..i had pizza twice this week!!! LOL [ 4:47 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) 5, i love it all except any seafood and pineapple,,,,has to have EXTRA mushroom and olives though, can never have too much of either!!! LOL [ 4:03 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) 5, i am honoured!!! lol [ 4:29 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) 5, no, pizza is a very serious matter, not one to be joked about!!!! lol [ 4:26 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) ty 5, its an honour, who do i get to boss around? LOL [ 7:12 AM CDT]

4. _UnclePervy_ (AKA the perv, unc.) Officership: THE Secretary of Defense

UnclePervy_ (M) 5,..hmmm i reckon..Supreme think crust [ 5:59 PM CDT]

5. The Maybs joined twice. (Permissable under the Article 49 Code of the Geneva Convention on Pizza.) Secondary Dual Official Officership: Minister of Agriculture:

mayb2hot4u (F) the best kind is meat 5 [ 6:00 PM CDT]

6. Deadgirllover, (AKA dead, aka lover.) Officership: THE DEAD CHEF

deadgirllover (M) hey 5, hows about just "DEAD CHEF"? [ 4:08 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) oops "dead" [ 4:08 AM CDT]
wildguy272005 (M) Watch out! wildguy272005 is ready for a fight! [ 4:08 AM CDT]
_gypsibleu (F) ((((((((((((((((((bibs)))))))))))))))))))))))))) [ 4:07 AM CDT]
_gypsibleu (F) yep you are right I am heaving.....all of 108 or maybe 110 if I am lucky but am so fat [ 4:07 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) Chief Chef Deal grrl lover then... you got it [ 4:07 AM CDT]
_Bibs_ (M) Watch out! _Bibs_ is ready for a fight! [ 4:07 AM CDT]
monkeybone35 (M) oh that sounds good [ 4:07 AM CDT]
_gypsibleu (F) brb [ 4:07 AM CDT]
bjpj22 (F) r u trying to say ur a heavy set girl and i aint goin no were trailer trash [ 4:07 AM CDT]
deadgirllover (M) pepperonni & blk olive thin crust, and I am a CHEF [ 4:06 AM CDT]

7. Angryyet. Officership: The Pizza Pope:

angryyet (M) glad to be of assistance! [ 5:00 AM CDT]
madass64 (F) cool 5, ty [ 4:59 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) same here angry... we need the rightepus guidance though [ 4:59 AM CDT]
angryyet (M) I need to go to Italy and pick up the fucking hat though! [ 4:59 AM CDT]
angryyet (M) being pontified is still....cracking me the fuck up! [ 4:57 AM CDT]
angryyet (M) Pizza pope.. I just made a hat comment! [ 6:13 PM CDT]
mayb2hot4u (F) AdultFriendFinder [ 6:13 PM CDT]
_UnclePervy_ (M) AdultFriendFinder [ 6:12 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) like it er not, yer the Angry Pizza Pope [ 6:12 PM CDT]
monkeybone35 (M) byop=hilarious [ 6:12 PM CDT]
mayb2hot4u (F) only if ya eat the popes pizza pervy [ 6:12 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) or motion [ 6:12 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) second Mayb's notion [ 6:12 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) it is BYOP, it is as goo as you bring it, and ya tell us what ya brought... [ 6:12 PM CDT]
mayb2hot4u (F) angry you are the"Pizza Pope" [ 6:12 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) sausage, pepperoni, mushroom and black olive,,,......thank yostep "AWAY" from the pizza!! [ 6:16 PM CDT]

8. BB

9. rockinrichael. (AKA the Rach (I call here Rach even thought yes I can see it is Richael)). Officership: The Princess of Pepperoni:

rockinrichael (F) five>>>princess of pepperoni? [ 7:28 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) Rach, you have 10 seconds to decline before you are assigned as the Minister of Crust... asnd thought on thick or thin will be expected... [ 7:24 PM CDT]
rockinrichael (F) five>>>italian sausage and peppers... [ 7:18 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) yeah rach I gues it started last night... want to me the minister of crust? [ 7:12 PM CDT]

10. poosaygrl The lovely Poosay, (AKA poo, or the poos (love her name). Battlefield Promotion to Master Sergeant: Officership: Sergeant At Arms from Rat Chucki:

NOTE: Battlefield Promotion to Master Sergeant for her charm and wit:

five4321go (M) << big hug for poos clever and sweet, just like the best of the best [ 9:57 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) I'd like to thank my sargent in the RCTP The rat chucky training programe for making this possible and of coarse god ,oh and you 5 for making this all come true [ 9:56 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) poos, you just got promoted to master sergeant [ 9:53 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) Poosay, shall we call it Sgt At Arms from Rat Chucki? [ 7:31 PM CDT]
bobbyboy2999 (M) with the right kind of weapons [ 7:31 PM CDT]
Tickletongue102 (F) but Poosay yr US so used to Green Day.....they just really broke here this year and i got so many people saying ooohhh green day are fab [ 7:31 PM CDT]
geordieboy19690 (M) Watch out! geordieboy19690 is ready for a fight! [ 7:31 PM CDT]
here4itnowagain (M) does sound exciting [ 7:31 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) 5 can i be incharge of that rat chucki? [ 7:30 PM CDT]
geordieboy19690 (M) Watch out! geordieboy19690 is ready for a fight! [ 7:30 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) yes I am crazy [ 7:30 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) Tic, my pizza club, you just have to like pizza and name your favorite toppings [ 7:30 PM CDT]
Rockinrichael (F) five>>>thank you [ 7:29 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) allmost in that order tic [ 7:29 PM CDT]
rockinrichael (F) here4>>>>yes...putting kids to bed and reading!! excitement [ 7:29 PM CDT]
bobbyboy2999 (M) dropkick murphys anyone? [ 7:29 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) Can i be the one who provides protection from that giant rat at chucky cheeze [ 7:29 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) hells yeah on the little fishies Poosay, yer the first to like them with me [ 7:35 PM CDT]
millymill2 (M) ((((((((((((((((((( pit )))))))))))))))))) [ 7:35 PM CDT]
millymill2 (M) ty rockin....just room jumpin [ 7:34 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) oh you mean drunk yea? [ 7:34 PM CDT]
here4itnowagain (M) lol [ 7:34 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) what are ya mad about tic? [ 7:34 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) y u pissed [ 7:34 PM CDT]
LittlePitt (F) hi milly [ 7:34 PM CDT]
rockinrichael (F) wb mill [ 7:34 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) ant-chov-eees [ 7:34 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) 5 i got your message,I think I have a good intro to go with your pic [ 9:03 PM CDT]
poosaygrl (F) "say hello to my little friend lol [ 9:04 PM CDT]

11. _gypsibleu (AKA sweet GB, gypsi, blue). Officership: The Minister of Mushrooms:

_gypsibleu (F) five I wanna be the minster of mushrooms [ 8:01 PM CDT]
_gypsibleu (F) wif loads of cheese [ 8:06 PM CDT]
_gypsibleu (F)thin,,,,,,,,,sausage,,,, peparonii......onion, mushroom.....bellpepper [ 8:06

12. millymill2 (AKA The Mills.) Officership: The King of Sausage:

millymill2 (M) 5 i'm king of suasage lmao [ 8:06 PM CDT]

13. shellback57 (AKA Shell, back, 57.) Officership: Monsiuer Balut/author of the balut.

shellback57 (M) five ...i wanna be author of balut's gonna b a hit like u neveah saw [10:11 PM CDT]

14. clownNmel (AKA The clown.) Officership: Hawaiian Pizza Officer (see nomination process below).

15. MarthaStewart (AKA Martha.) Officership: Ambassador of Pacific Affairs for Hawaiian Pizza. See entry below...

16. glaucia30 (AKA glaucoma) Note: she does not speak any English, and never acknowledged me, so she can slide on the bylaws a bit. She was made an Officer of the Club under Bylaw 6 above.. Officership: Minister De Latin America

five4321go (M) Martha, can I out you in club as Ambassador of Pacific Affarirs for hawaiin pizza? [12:33 AM CDT]
millymill2 (M) ((((((((((((((((((( babydoll ))))))))))))) [12:33 AM CDT]
clownNmel (G) < wears headband to hide lobotomy scars [12:33 AM CDT]
monkeybone35 (M) milly dont bend over or youll get thsat delivery sooner than you think [12:32 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) I need a nail in butt like you need another lobotomy minkey [12:32 AM CDT]
clownNmel (C) Hawaiian.... [12:32 AM CDT]
MarthaStewart (G) <<<<<<has a Pizza fac e!!!!!!!! [12:32 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) it is a simple question ya big jaghoff... what kind of pizza do you like? [12:31 AM CDT]
millymill2 (M) all this talk bout pizza...gonna have 1 tomorrow [12:31 AM CDT]
monkeybone35 (M) 5 needs nail in butt(big one) [12:30 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) too late Marth, already added you [12:35 AM CDT]
monkeybone35 (M) 5= 12 slices(big ass) [12:34 AM CDT]
MarthaStewart (G) five... I'm vegetarian...... can't ethically support Hawaiin pizza [12:34 AM CDT]
five4321go (M) pues entiendo que " (~) * es si, congratulaciones mi nuevo Minister de pizza... [ 4:43 PM CDT]
R_A_S_T_A (M) glaucia......♡ [ 4:42 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) (~) [ 4:42 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) glaucia, eres mi Minister enotnces? dime si por favor... [ 4:42 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) ^( [ 4:42 PM CDT]
R_A_S_T_A (M) glaucia....† [ 4:42 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) oi rasta!!! [ 4:41 PM CDT]
AKA_Gabriell (M) << 2 wheels [ 4:41 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) ¨) [ 4:41 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) glaucia, tengo un club de pizza y quierro que seras mi Minister De Latin America por favor? [ 4:41 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) ¨( [ 4:41 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) (BJ) [ 4:40 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) "( [ 4:40 PM CDT]
glaucia30 (F) $( [ 4:40 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) glaucia, le gusta pizza? si le gusta, dime que typo por favor,. lo siento pero no hable portugues, nadamas el espanol... [ 4:40 PM CDT]

17. m0neys, (AKA $) (did not voluntarily join): Officership: Secretartiot of Treasury

five4321go (M) that's it... I will send you the bylaws and roster on AdultFriendFinder, you are like member 17 I think [ 3:09 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) m0neys (F)
meat is great just not on my pizza [ 3:08 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) k, and then? [ 3:08 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) welcome to the club [ 3:08 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) It's all about the "MEAT!" [ 3:08 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) $, you are (obviously) Secretartiot of Treasury [ 3:07 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) not on the pizza [ 3:07 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) Come on! [ 3:07 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) No Meat! [ 3:06 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) Really? [ 3:06 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) cheese only! [ 3:06 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) cheer up mO!!.............It's going to be fine! [ 3:06 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) who? [ 3:05 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) it's steph45440 [ 3:05 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) no numbers, you im my friend, please [ 3:05 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) how so $, were you gonna YH me? [ 3:04 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) Sausage, pepperoni, mush room, black olive.....Oh huh.......uh huh! [ 3:04 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) well you guys are kinda sucking right now [ 3:04 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) $, want to join my pizza club? name your title... "minister of (fill in the blank)" [ 3:03 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) Funny shit 5! [ 3:03 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) what? i don't get it [ 3:02 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) LOL.... [ 3:02 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) of course angry... [ 3:02 PM CDT]
angryyet (M) I.m the pizza Pope.........Remember? [ 3:02 PM CDT]
diver641000 (M) lol 54321 [ 3:01 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) love it, extra cheese only [ 3:01 PM CDT]
m0neys (F) gotcha [ 3:01 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) $, do you like pizza? [ 3:01 PM CDT]

18. _ganja_babe_ (AKA Ganj): Officership: Minister of da Herb

five4321go (M) mote it be ganj.... welcome sweets [ 4:57 PM CDT]
brearwabbit (M) wouldnt mind tryin yer pie ganja [ 4:57 PM CDT]
danae1984 (F) (((((((((((((((five))))))))))) [ 4:57 PM CDT]
_ganja_babe_ (F) OMG ~~~~FAINTZ~~~ dazzz da best [ 4:56 PM CDT]
brearwabbit (M) i said it doesnt bother me go ahead and fuckin corpses is all u will get vatos ya graveraper [ 4:56 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) (((((((((((((((((((((sweet danae))))))))))))))))))) [ 4:56 PM CDT]
_ganja_babe_ (F) lol wabbit [ 4:56 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) Minister of da Herb Ganj? how is that? [ 4:56 PM CDT]
brearwabbit (M) makes u a fruit too ganja [ 4:56 PM CDT]
danae1984 (F) Watch out! danae1984 is ready for a fight! [ 4:56 PM CDT]
DosVatos (M) o that's why she didnt move around much in the bed [ 4:55 PM CDT]
five4321go (M) touching personal share wabbit.. ya done being a prick? [ 4:55 PM CDT]
brearwabbit (M) i got rugburn on my knees from double teamin yer mommas doggy style lol [ 4:55 PM CDT]
_ganja_babe_ (F) ty 5....lmao @ 1 problem......i lovvvveeee mushrooms N olives...N bacon...wuts that make me.....lmao [ 4:55 PM

19. danae1984 (AKA Greek Pastry). Officership: (Danae wears several hats within the organization) 1. The Tzarina of Pizza / Lady Chancellor of All Forms of Pizza Crust, 2. Egyptian Queen of All Forms of Pizza Crust, 3. Lady Chancellor of Thin Crust.

five4321go (M) ya got it.... consider it done
danae1984 (F) what about tzarina of pizza, lady chancellor of all forms of pizza crust
danae1984 (F) what about Egyptian Queen of all forms of Pizza Crust?
danae1984 (F) although, i'd much prefer something with more power, like tzarina or caliph yeah, i checked out everybody's position
danae1984 (F) lady chancellor of thin crust, until you tell me different... lol, good enough
danae1984 (F) theres to many fun things to be
danae1984 (F) well, lady chancellor maybe. wait...theres to many fun things to be
five4321go (M) mote it be....
danae1984 (F) maybe i could be the lord chancellor of thin crust
five4321go (M) name your general
danae1984 (F) i think my ultimate pizza would be thin crust, extra cheese, green olives, mushrooms, chicken, and tomatoes
danae1984 (F) rule six is good... actually used it once...
five4321go (M) or cheese and nothing. I like it all
five4321go (M) what kind of pizza do i like? I like pepperoni anything
danae1984 (F) lol, i like rule 6
danae1984 (F) why do i feel like i'm missing something? lol
danae1984 (F) you have a roster?
five4321go (M) will send roster
danae1984 (F) you have a pizza club?
danae1984 (F) no
five4321go (M) you know about my pizza club don't you?

Several positions are open within the ranks of the club... please inquire within...

rm_bunnygirl24 36F
75 posts
10/5/2006 9:07 am

well fuck me, you had the cheek to call me and my blog , but yours is pure wank what the fuck is the point of this you numb nuts

luv bunnygirl

rm_1minx2 46F
16 posts
10/16/2006 6:42 am

fives blog is waaaay better than bunnygirls....i mean waaaay! luv minx

rm_bunnygirl24 36F
75 posts
10/22/2006 2:25 pm

minx your just an old pro...or should that be ho....

rm_1minx2 46F
16 posts
10/22/2006 8:33 pm

Bunny was that a statement, or a question? ummm......duhhhhh ummmm...derrrr...........your lacking huge amounts of personality and even larger amounts of intelligence!

rm_bunnygirl24 36F
75 posts
10/25/2006 11:02 am

minxy baby, i have both intelligence and personality in immeasurable quantities...unlike you...

rm_1minx2 46F
16 posts
10/25/2006 6:37 pm

Thank god for spell check ,huh bunny?

rm_bunnygirl24 36F
75 posts
10/26/2006 8:57 am

i didn't know there was spell check and if i did i wouldn't need to use it as i am more intelligent than people give me credit for...x

rm_1minx2 46F
16 posts
10/26/2006 5:53 pm

shut up bunny......your mind numbingly boring

rm_bunnygirl24 36F
75 posts
10/28/2006 7:48 pm

why dont u shut up yourself ...and take your glasses off and stop kidding yourself they make u look intelligent....cos they do not....

rm_1minx2 46F
16 posts
10/29/2006 6:34 pm

i cant take them off its a picture silly! and you said they make me look intelligent..... not me...........maybe i should stick my ass in the camera like you although im sure w/a face like yours its a good idea to not share it with the rest of us beautiful people

rm_bunnygirl24 36F
75 posts
12/18/2006 12:07 pm

it dosent matter how much my looks fade with safe in the knowledge that i will never look as rough as you do... you should change your id to ugly betty!!!

five4321go 46M

1/18/2007 2:31 pm

Minx is hot while rubberbutt bunny is relying on absent wit to put down something beautiful she does not understand. P.S. I have a hardon the size of Rhode Island watching you two fight... (Rhode Island is a small state)....


rm_1minx2 46F
16 posts
2/4/2007 7:07 am

I miss you!(five not bunny)

rm_1minx2 46F
16 posts
4/7/2007 12:15 pm

What are u doing fiveykins!!!???!!!

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