Story # 2  

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5/27/2006 8:45 am
Story # 2

It is mid morning, on a day where neither of us has anything else to do but be with each other.
You come over and this time the front room is tidy. We stand by the door kissing, hands roaming over each others bodies. We break long enough to remove each others clothes, kissing and fondling each newly exposed area hot warm flesh.
We move our clothes out of the way and spread out the comforters on the floor. Still standing, exploring each others body with our mouths and hands. Slowly we sink to the floor, still locked together in our passionate embrace.
As we lay on our sides we twist into a 69 position. I feel your lips wrap around my throbbing cock, you hear me moan just before my tongue finds your clit and I hear you moan.
Together we take turns moaning and give the other pleasure. My hand reaches back and squeezes your firm ass, drawing you tighter against my face, then my hand caresses your butt and reaches up your back and slowly back down.
My tongue first makes broad licks across your clit, like a kid eating n ice cream cone. Then I open my mouth and start sucking around your clit, letting just enough air to pass by my lips to chill your clit before licking again with my hot tongue.

I can feel you moan as your tongue swirls around the head of my cock. Between moans I feel your mouth move the length of my throbbing shaft, as your hands caress my balls. Then one of your hands moves and strokes the length of my cock as I feel you suck harder on the head. Now it is my turn to moan as I continue to lick and suck your sweet pussy.

Soon you moans get closer together and longer in length, I know you are about to have the first of many orgasms. I keep my tongues pace steady as you get closer to cumming, then when I can feel that you re right on the verge, I flick my tongue fast and faster over and around your clit.
It isn't easy for me to keep my tongue dancing over your clit as wave after wave of orgasm rocks you, but I do my best to keep it there, pleasuring you. Judging from the way your body is shaking and the moans cumming from you mouth, I would say that I did OK keeping my tongue on your clit.

Because your orgasms turn me on so, I feel my own orgasm approach. By now you know exactly how to make the most out of my orgasms, or should I say "mini-orgasms".
You can feel my balls tighten, getting ready to explode, just before they do, you hear me say "STOP......STOP.....STOP! ! !
You know what to stop, the hand that cups my balls feel them contract, as the head of my cock swells in your mouth. For a short time my tongue leaves your clit as I can't help but moan in pleasure. Then you can feel my hot cum enter your mouth as my "mini-orgasm" washes over me.
I feel you suck harder on my pulsating cock, you resist the erg to milk every lat drop out by squeezing and stroking the length of my cock till you know that I have cum down from my "mini-orgasm".

Next e decide to try something different, taking turns giving the other orgasms. This way we can see the pleasure in each others eyes.
I start by kissing my way up the inside of our legs, I love the feel of your legs against my lips and cheeks as I move up your inner thigh. I can feel the heat cumming from your steamy pussy even before I am half way up your thigh.
I draw your outer lips into my mouth and suckle them as you let out a soft moan, I can already taste you sweet juices that flowed during your first orgasm...MMMMM.
My tongue finally finds your clit, I alternate between swirling my tongue over your clit and probing it into your pussy. When I do this I can feel tighten around my tongue, I can feel the heat deep inside of you and taste eve more of your sweet juices.
As I sense your orgasm growing closer, I insert two fingers inside you. Stroking your G spot, I know your orgasm is getting close. I move my head so I can see you face and look into you eyes as the next waves of orgasms flow through you.
I can see in your eyes just how good this orgasm feels for you, and you can see in my eyes just what a turn on it is for me.
After you wind down from your orgasm, we move to allow you to suck my still throbbing cock.
It feels so good as you wrap your lips around the head of my cock and take its full length into your mouth. I feel your tongue swirl around the head as you stroke my engorged shaft, sucking hard as if to suck the cum from my balls. Your other hand cups my balls, I can feel the warmth of your hand, and it feels good. Slowly at first you stroke and suck, tasting cum left over from my last "mini-orgasm" not to mention what seeped out during the orgasm that washed over you just moment before. It is such a turn on to see you have an orgasm, to know that I helped you achieve such pleasure makes more of a turn on, but what really gets me going is feeling you have an orgasm. The way you lift your tight butt off the bed, the way you tighten your stomach and almost sit right up, the look on your face and in your eyes, I know that there is no more sexy thing in the world as that look on your face.
I think about that as I feel your mouth wrapped around my cock, and feel your tongue on the head as your hand strokes my throbbing shaft. I can barely control myself from thrusting up wards to feel your mouth move the length of my rock hard shaft.
It isn't long before I tell you to stop, signaling that another of my "mini-orgasms" is ready. You stop stroking my cock and suck even harder on the head, drawing the cum from my balls.
I can feel the cum pulse from deep down in my balls as my "mini-orgasm" starts. I can feel my hot cum flow up the length of my cock, into your mouth, my legs tighten and I look into your eyes as my orgasm rocks me. I can see in your eyes the same pleasure I feel when you have an orgasm. It takes me a couple of seconds for the orgasm to subside. You keep sucking the whole time, until the spasms in me subside. Then you release my cock from your mouth and flash me that sweet smile of yours, knowing that now it is your turn or pleasure.
I start by kissing the souls of your feet, working my way to your toes. First I slide my tongue between them then suck them one by one into my mouth. After I have finished with both feet, I move to you ankle, kissing my way up your calf to the back side of your knee.
Working my way up your leg with my mouth, my hands stroke your inner thigh, until my mouth catches up, then my hands move to caress your firm butt.
You can now feel my hot breath coming closer to your hot pussy, I can feel the heat on my cheeks. My mouth brushes over your steamy pussy and I can hear you moan in anticipation of my tongue swirling around your clit.
My tongue lightly moves across your pussy, putting just enough pressure on your clit to make you moan just a bit louder. I start to suck on your outer lips as my hands play with your sweet ass, before they part your lips, exposing your clit to my tongue.
I waste no time wrapping my lips around your clit and start swirling it around, I can feel and taste your juices starting to flow.
Next you feel my fingers enter you on their way to your G spot , I feel you tighten around them and I know I have found it. I feel your hands stroke my hair, pulling my head closer, as your hands leave y head I look up and see your hand play with your nipples as you arch your back in the throws of the first wave of orgasm washes over you.
I slow down my tongue as you come down from this orgasm, I can feel the little aftershocks as you grip my fingers. I let them slide out and move my tongue to probe inside your pussy, tasting your sweet juices as my tongue probes deeper inside of you.
I pull my tongue out and start to lick your whole pussy in broad licks from bottom to top, stopping long enough at your clit, to hear you moan.
I part your lips again and start to lick and suck your clit as my fingers once again find your G spot, this time my movements are slower. I can feel the powerful orgasm building within you and want to be sure I do everything right. I breathe in, letting air flow over your clit cooling it before I lick it with my hot tongue., starting the first wave building towards your explosive orgasm. I look up to see your face as this first wave rocks you, I can see the pleasure in your eyes and it inspires me to lick your clit faster. As this orgasm winds down I can feel you relax, one hand caresses your inner thigh and butt while my hand is stroking your G spot. I can feel you tighten up as each orgasmic wave crests, each stronger than the last. I can now feel the big O start to build in you, I can feel your whole body start to tense. I can hear you moaning louder and louder, letting me know you your big orgasm is close. I keep licking your clit and stroking your G spot as your orgasm rocks you, I can feel your muscles tense, I try to keep from being thrown off the bed, god I love it when you have an orgasm, it's so sexy. It takes a few minutes before he after shocks settle down and we can cuddle.

We rest for awhile in each others arms, spooning each other and even falling asleep for a time.
My cock is the first to stir, being nestled between the cheeks of your sweet butt I can't blame him. I start to move my hips, pressing my growing hard-on into your ass.
I begin to kiss the back of your neck and back as my hands caress your leg. We both move as if reading a script, you on all fours, and me behind you. I can't help but kiss the small of your back and firm butt before rubbing the swollen head of my cock against your clit. I can tell by your gasp that you like this, then I do something I know you will like even more. I slide the engorge head of my throbbing cock back, then move forward to let it part your outer lips, we both moan as I finally side my hard cock inside you. As you feel my cock fill your pussy, I feel your pussy envelope my cock, I slide deep inside you slowly, but it seems to take only seconds. I can feel the head of my cock brushing up against your G spot, I know you enjoy this, but I bet you didn't know how good it feels for me to feel my cock hitting your G spot.
Most times it is all I and do just to keep from filling you with my hot cum.
The sight of you thigh butt and my cock sliding into you doesn’t help matters. My hands caress your ass cheeks and down your thighs as I try not to cum when I feel your pussy muscles tighten around my hard shaft. My hands move to your hips as if to thrust into you deeper and harder. I thrust deep in side you and squeeze my muscle, like I do to cause aftershocks, this makes the head of my cock to hit your G spot. It takes a couple of tries, but soon I can feel your response and does it ever feel good. I feel you grid back into me, making the head of my cock to hit your G spot again. It is almost more than I can stand..."stop, stop, stop" is all I can say as a "mini-orgasm" flows through me. You can feel my hot cum as my "mini-orgasm" rocks me and slowly subsides.
After what seems an eternity I again begin thrusting into you again. Before long it is time to change positions, I get off the bed and you swivel around to the edge of the bed.
Before I side my throbbing cock back into you hot pussy I rub the head over your clit, then the length of my cock back and forth along your clit. I can tell you moans and the look on your face that you are close to cumming so I keep doing this until you do cum. Then just as you wind down I slide my cock back inside, the look of pleasure on your face tells me the timing was right. I move your leg close to my mouth and start kissing your calf, moving towards you foot, where I begin to kiss the soul of your foot. I work my way up your foot until I have your big toe in my mouth, you feel my tongue swirl around it and between your other toes. All the while thrusting my rock hard cock into your hot wet pussy. Then as I release our toes from my mouth my hand finds its way to your clit and begins to stroke it in time with my thrusts. I can feel your pussy tighten with each ever increasing orgasm.
I can see in your eyes that you are building to a powerful orgasm, I try to hold my own back long enough for us to explode in orgasm together. It isn’t easy, I can already feel my balls begin to tighten, I know that I am close, you can see it in my eyes and encourage me to " Cum with you". I can feel you arch you back, your pussy starts to tighten uncontrolably now and I know the time is now. I know that some of the more powerful orgasms I have cum from a slower pace, I slow down my pace as I begin to feel my orgasm start to cum on. We both try to keep our eyes open as orgasms flow through and between us. It isn't easy but we both manage to keep our eyes open to see the pleasure in each others eyes, this makes our orgasm that much better.
As we both try to catch our breath "aftershocks" "bounce" between us, all that we can say is "WOW"!
After the "aftershocks" have subsided I pull out and lay beside you, with you in my arms we drift off.

The End

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