Late WednesDay Post  

fitcarlos 41M
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3/15/2006 4:59 pm
Late WednesDay Post

Went clubbing in london tonight, had to get back early for work tomorrow it is a dead night for going out in , but I have to work this weekend so it was my escapism for the week, my job is as boring as the people in my office and its driving me nuts,

Only cool thing is theres this european girl that has the hots for me, she is there ready and waiting, I just have to make my move, the flirting and tension is there, I just see the moment as a bit of fun to cheer up my day, but the way she looks at me, is like I change her world, mind you I do brighten up her day and im sure her job must be as boring as hell though!

I listened to faceless on the radio this morning , this story girl is cool, the dude shes fucking is working in a nightclub, sounds like he' getting plenty , I might have to work with him, hehe

I still have this internet girl messaging me and wont leave me alone its getting annoying ,I wanted to meet her originally but I cant spare much time and she is 90 minutes from me, she will not meet me halfway or come to me either, as whenever I log on she starts msging me, I think she lives a very boring lifesyle, girls remember never swamp a guy he will run or go off you.

Am having good responses now from another dating site, however the positive replies have been from older women and much further away from me, As I have such a busy lifestyle I just have no time to follow up, I need a woman in central london that has a little time for me I know then I would be smiling.

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