Lonely Needs Love Too  

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8/10/2005 1:44 am

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Lonely Needs Love Too

This my first time entering a blog. So please give me a break.

How the lonely need love too. This is something I've come to understand, being lonely without the touch, caresses, and companionship of a woman.
I often wonder why it is. This is why I'm here, to find that someone to fill this need, as overpowering as it can be. So this is what I propose to do. I'm going write a blog about how enjoyable I find it to make love to a woman and have her respond to my touch, caresses by returning in kind these to me.

We're together after a evening of dinner and drinks, its late, but not so late that we have to depart company and each face a empty lonely night alone. We begin kissing, cuddling and tickling each other playfully to find each other's sensitive and responsive areas. We continue to progress and explore each other ever increasing the excitement that is building between us. This continues for what seems like forever and as it does the passion between us grows with it, for the need we are both seeking. Finally this passion becomes so great with excited energies that we almost tear each other's clothes off to find the areas of our heighten desires we are so wanting to have. Upon finding these areas we each slow down so that we can enjoy the moment. As we continue to kiss, cuddle, embrace excitedly, and moving our hands and fingers as not to lose touch or our desire for each other. It is at this point, I begin to move down slowly to your breasts, licking them softly and blowing ever so lightly on one and then the other and nibbling at each nipple as it rises to my attention and stimulation. I don't stop there, but further continue down to your tummy and belly button flicking my tongue over it and in it, as I keep on moving lower and lower to your pubis mound. Here, I stop only to place my open mouth on it to breathe my hot breath into your highly aroused skin and make you sigh with pleasure and longing. However; I don't linger for long, just long enough to hear you sigh again and continue a little further down placing a kiss on your most sensitive area and causing you to spread legs in anticipation of what will come. But, I don't stop there and still continue along your inner thighs always stroking you and massaging you as I do. You spread your legs and thighs farther apart as I continue to kiss up and down your thighs and calfs until I reach your feet and begin kiss and massage your feet and toes, all the while running my hands up and down your legs and over your most sensitive area. While I'm doing this I've been sucking on yours toes and running my tongue in between and under them, making you twitch from the tickling it gives. I now begin my journey upwards along legs to the area of heighten desire and longing. I pause only briefly, to flick my tongue into this area of desire making sure not to touch your hot spot just yet and continue kiss lick my way up to your navel and breasts, sucking on one then the other softly and forcefully, all the way up to your mouth which opens wide for my kiss. We kiss passionately and longingly as I explore and run my hands over your entire body length. After a minute or two I kiss my way back down to my object of desire and begin to fully explore you with tongue and fingers probbing as deep as my fingers can go and doing the same with my tongue. At this point, I begin to flick and suck on your hot spot, at first softly and then slowly and then more forcefully to bring you to a point of climax and then slowly again to savour your sweet honey taste and to smell the aroma of your heighten arousal, never wanting to allow even one drop of you to escape me. At this point I begin work feverishly on your hot spot and eventually bring you to a breathless full body racking orgasm, but I don't stop until you stop convulsing in ecatasy. I then begin to kiss my way back up to your breasts sucking on your on highly aroused nipples all the while holding ever tightly to provide you with comfort and the warmth of my body. Once you have regained some composure we resume our caressing, massaging and exploration of each other again. Its at this point you begin your journey of exploration of me....
To be continued....

That's just the beginning of why LONELY NEEDS LOVE TOO.


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