Lust - a poem  

firewhenwetouch 43M
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3/25/2006 9:16 am
Lust - a poem

Sex for money,
sex for power,
sex in bedrooms,
in the shower,
doorways, parks, wide open spaces,
throughout within the feeling races,
television, moovie screens,
internet and in my dreams,
the lust that gets inside my brain,
enough to send a man insane,
sex for love
and sex for play,
I look at you and there you lay,
inviting, inticing, madly exciting,
the yearn persists,
I can’t resist,
our bodies touch,
feelings surge,
we move as one,
our bodies merge,
fucking, sucking, writhing, hugging,
playing, groping, gripping, rubbing,
feeling, sensing, licking, tasting,
the want, the wait, anticipating,
humping, moaning, hearts both thumping,
kissing, stroking, shagging, pumping,
the release - electric waves of pleasure,
spasms, gasps, unequalled measure,
needs fulfilled, the sweat, the scent,
the warm carress - we lie content.

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