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firestarter665 44M/40F
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3/20/2006 5:55 am

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3/23/2006 6:11 am

My Favorite part of...


As you all know, Saturday night was a no go for sex. So I did make up for it last night. Mind you, it was nothing kinky nor was it all night sex. But as always my husband does know how to turn me on!!!

What I love most is when he takes one finger and glides it up and down my clit. (BTW, I hate that word so if anyone has another name to call it please do tell!). Hands down, this is what really gets me going. I love it when he rubs it, licks it or even gives a gentle suck to it. While we are having sex, it gives me great pleasure when he stops just to play with the clit. A little tease goes a long way.

Let's just say that I was very wet during sex last night.

Do you have a favorite spot that turns you on?

caressmewell 55F

3/20/2006 6:54 am

Same spot for me

SpaceRangerNJ 56M
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3/20/2006 7:40 am

The first thing that jumped into my mind when you asked for an alternative to clit was love button. I'm sure there are hundreds of other names.
Glad you had a good time. All night would have been tuff on a "school night" lol. Bet you slept well.

libgemOH 57M/53F

3/20/2006 9:02 am

I'm an G-spot kinda girl but there is a spot way under the hood of the "love button" (I kind like that word!!) that he will suck at and pull out that drives me TOTALLY out of my mind! -B

firestarter665 44M/40F

3/20/2006 9:27 am

Caress- Cool.

SR- I like "love button". Sounds cute, clit just sounds dirty to me. We did sleep well, although I was still grumpy getting woken up this morning.

libgem- Sounds good to me!!

PassionKisses4Me 45F

3/20/2006 1:01 pm

Mmmm I love that spot too hehehe and I also love having my neck kissed, nibbled, and bitten right where the neck and shoulder meet...OMG that makes me so wet and ready for more



pragmaticCTcpl 63M/51F

3/20/2006 1:49 pm

firestarter665 - Same here!

firestarter665 44M/40F

3/20/2006 3:01 pm

flyaway1012- Miss Clitty is pretty cute.

Becky- If my hubby kisses my neck I break into laughter. I am soooo ticklish.

sassybelle21 34F  
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3/20/2006 3:28 pm

My clit of course and that's how I make myself cum with a bullet. I think the bullet does a better job than all men that I've met Sorry if that's too much of information.

firestarter665 44M/40F

3/20/2006 5:41 pm

PragmaticCtcpl- Very cool. Thanks for stopping by.

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3/20/2006 11:56 pm

Clit=Love Button, thats what I call it

firestarter665 44M/40F

3/21/2006 6:21 am

BBbikerbabe- "Love Button" will be the new name.

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