Lost in Home Depot (a joke)  

firestarter665 43M/40F
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6/8/2006 5:00 pm

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6/10/2006 3:32 am

Lost in Home Depot (a joke)

Two guys, one old and one young, are pushing their carts around Home Depot when they collide. The old guy says to the young guy, "Sorry about
That. I'm looking for my wife, and I guess I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

The young guy says, "That's OK. I'm looking for my
Wife, too. I can't find her and I'm getting a little desperate."

The old guy says, "Well, maybe we can help each other. What does your wife look like?

The young guy says, "Well, she is 27 yrs old, tall, with red hair, blue eyes, long legs, and she's wearing tight white shorts. What does your
Wife look like?"

The old guy says, "Doesn't matter --- let's look for yours."

rm_cru1972 46M
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6/8/2006 6:36 pm


firestarter665 replies on 6/10/2006 3:33 am:
Glad you enjoyed this.

SpaceRangerNJ 56M
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6/9/2006 7:33 am

Dirty old man!
Love it.

firestarter665 replies on 6/10/2006 3:35 am:
I just love some of the jokes people send to me.

pragmaticCTcpl 62M/51F

6/9/2006 7:51 am

firestarter665 replies on 6/10/2006 3:35 am:
I'm glad I could make you laugh.

rm_rlandma 42M/41F
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6/9/2006 10:37 am

ummmm did anyone else's mind go right to o O ( hmmmmm, i'd bet even money, the old ladies got the young one's face up her skirt in a shower over in bathrooms...) ...anyone other than me then?
*mutters* rassum frassum over active fantasy filled imagination, and now i gotta go apply for a job at the home depot...

firestarter665 replies on 6/10/2006 3:39 am:
I think that Home Depot is a great meeting place for single women. Being that there are more men than women that shope there, I bet some women get dolled up in the hopes that they will run into a cute man.

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