Was I dreaming?  

finess2ubigboy 52F
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1/26/2006 12:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Was I dreaming?

I just woke up, as I turn to my side. I'm thinking! What was I just Dreaming!!!! Oh wow...
Please let me go back to sleep, so I can have this dream again. As I lay there, Thought run through my head.SLOWLY I fell back a sleep.

There it is a place of deep colors. The sky so blue,trees so green, a stream running through,sounds of water running over the rocks.
birds singing, butterflies flying from flowers to flowers.

Trees slowly swaying,the leafs reflecting the warn sunlight.As I lay in the sofe green grass, listening to the sounds.Looking up as a big fluffy cloud moves in. I'm thinking what could be any better then this. Sofe warm drops of rain fall on my face. A lite summer rain is falling.

When the rains stops. I sat up and wipe the rain from my face. All Gods litte creatures, come out to play in the sun, I smile, Look there! a rainbow of many colors is the sky. tear of happeness run down my face, Oh yes what a great place. Come with me to my place! a place of peace and love, it's a good place.{=}

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