Some Short Questions  

fineproduct77 40M
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6/1/2005 3:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Some Short Questions

If you're 5'2" guyand athletic, how do you advertise yourself to people who get stuck on heights and draw conclusions about how proportionately short your member must be, on what is a sex site where while personality matters to some, not enough to offset such things?

If you're Asian and without an accent, how do you advertise to people who have their doubts and convince them to do more than on-line chat, without giving your phone number for a voice chat to lose your privacy (not that some would call fearing you have call display and can get their number that they don't want to give out)?

How do you advertise what is a beautiful body, but one that probably resemble a boy's at 5'2" and 105 lbs, on what is a sex site where a beautiful body does matter a lot, but probably not at that size? Mind you, most boys don't have the muscle tone and low body fat I have.

How do you get people to not be "intimidated", as they say, about their bodies compared to yours when their bodies aren't so athletic, even when you say the comparison doesn't matter cause if you liked it, then they shouldn't have to worry, but they do worry that you don't know what you're looking for and not going to like it in person so they won't meet you?

These are the sort of dumb, really dumb, sorts of hang-ups people in Nova Scotia have given me. I know some are dishonest in doing so, but each have occurred more than once and some almost commonplace that I'm starting to believe some have to be true. They can't all be the same person with multiple profiles contacting me first or in response to my contact, making up such similar excuses to "get out" of meeting me in person.

Do I have to change the whole freakin' culture in this province for everything?

MissKandy1000 36F

6/1/2005 6:09 pm

Hey u msg'd me and suggested I read this and since I can't reply to ur msg (it froze) then I'll reply here. I am fairly tall for a woman at 5'8", not a giant but tall. I personally am not attracted to shorter men or skinny men. I like my men to be taller than me and a little on the beefy side. This is not to say u aren't a great guy, but ur not my type. I also read ur entire prof and just thought we r not a great match. I am entitled to my preferences and opinions and since u expressed urs regarding NS society in ur msg to me I am simply responding. I'm sure u don't like all body types and features, and just like the rest of us have certain preferences. I'm afraid u may find that ur height gets held against u often b/c alot of women r taller and share my preference for taller men. Or so I have found anyway. The fact that u r Asian meant nothing to me personally and I do not deny I am a bit shallow in that I will only go for taller, bigger men. But then this is an adult sex site. I'm not here to be polite and give every nice guy a shot. I'm here to find someone I'm attracted to and see if they want some fun. If they r not attracted to me then I look elsewhere. I have sent msg's and have them gone unanswered b/c I am on the chubby side. I don't worry about it tho as I have no problem pickin up when I want to and understand not all men like a chubby lady. Most like them slim and petite. I am neither but am mature enuf to not let it get to me. If one minds my size, another may not. It's life, and life is not always fair or nice. I appologize if this msg sounds nasty or condescending for it was not my intention. But u did msg me first, so if u do not like what I have to say then don't ask. Good luck to u in ur search. MissKandy

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