sweet reunion  

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3/13/2005 9:22 am

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sweet reunion

I have never been a quiter, so with that thought in mind, I determined to make a last ditch effort to win back the interest of my recent love interest. I knew there was another BBW gathering at the same place me meet at the first time, so I dressed to thrill. Black fishnets, strappy heels,sexy ruffled lo cut blouse, sexy skirt, perfume in all the right spots, hair and face completely done. I was a woman on a mission!

I sat at the bar, pretending not to care who came in the front door, while the two guys across from me stared at me and smiled and whispered to each other. I knew the very second he came thru the door. My heart was racing, but as he stood there for a moment gazing at me, I knew he was silently watching the other men around me attempting to talk to me, or eyeballing my cleavage . He finally approached me and said, "hello, how are you?" I tried to act aloof and said "fine thanks"
while my stomache did flip flops. He stepped back to the side and just stood there for what felt like forever staring at me.

All of a sudden he was back next to me apologizing while he tried to fight tears, but they slipped out of his eyes nonetheless and ran down his cheeks. I was speechless, so deeply moved as he spent 10 minutes apologizing, asking for my forgiveness, telling me he had fallen in love with me and he was scared. I stood up from my chair and hugged him and kised him and told him I forgave him.

We spent the evening dancing, closerthenclose, out mouths drawn to each other, kissing ohh so deeply, delicios kisses, as though we were the only ones there. Even as we danced I felt one with him, and the passion, the magical passion between us was in overdrive. How rare to find someone that can just look at you, and you feel instant need, desire, longing. He walked me to my car, and we stood there in the falling snow groping and kissing and absorbing each other. I told him how much I wanted him, and I could feel from the bulge and throbbing in his trousers he was feeling it too.
We parted, reluctantly. I wasnt going to push the lovemaking since I knew he was struggling with his EDS issues. I whipered in his ear.. "one day, baby, we are going to make love and its going to be earth shaking!" he hugged me close and we went our separate ways. Today I have a smile in my heart...

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