my lust for oral pleasure  

finelady4_44 58F
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3/17/2005 5:56 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

my lust for oral pleasure

I was thinking the other morning after my play time, as I put my vibrator back in its hiding place, (I live with my 15 year old son) about why I crave to be orally pleasured. Its my favorite fantasy when I touch myself.

I was married to a man for 2 decades who never did me oral, although I certainly did him. I was always the agressor sexually, and more comfortable with my sexual desires. He was a 5 min man that considered my sensual needs to be dirty and wrong, so for years we had sex, afterwards he would robotically touch my clit in the exact same manner and get me off. Never any variation in method, and I always came last. Literally.

I found a porno tape in my oldest sons room, and after giving him the required parental lecture, (he was 16 at the time) I waited til he went to school and stuck it in the vcr. (he he he) Although watching strangers have limited conversation and methodically fuck didnt really do much for me, I was mesmerized by the beauty of two women giving each other pleasure. The close up shots of their pussies was so erotic, so delicious. I touched myself and fantasized that a beautiful buxom blonde was licking me and caressing my breasts and had a huge orgasm, and from that point on, as hubby would robotically try to get me off with his hands I was lost in my fantasy of a gorgeous woman making love to me with her mouth.

When the marriage collapsed, I became involved with a man who bragged of his skills with his tongue. Our first meeting was at a public park for a picnic. we found a secluded place, and afterf sipping some wine and making out like teenagers, I let him know that under my long flowing skirt I had no panties. He laid me back and pulled up my skirt and went at me like a starving man. He was an expert wth his tongue. I remember vividly laying there, legs spread, skirt up to my waist, feeling the breeze and the warmth of the sunshine, and being lost in exstasy. perhaps it was the forbidden aspect of doing it outdoors, but I had the huggest, most intense orgasm I ever had. It was my first experience at getting oral sex. I was 42!

From that point on,we met whenever possible and he was like driven to get me off as many times as possible with his tongue before I could even please him. I honestly did not know until then that there were men more interested in pleasing then being pleased. What an epiphany!

Since then, I crave oral sex. When men think it will be arousing to send cock pictures and brag they can do it all night, and of course, they think the bigger their cock, the more I would be interested I laugh to myself, because they think cock size is soooooo important, and as for me... my lover had a very small penis, but his tongue was magical! I prefer good tongue over large cock ANYTIME!

fantasy9000 57M

3/17/2005 7:31 am

too bad you did'nt get fulfilled until 42.but glad you found out that there are men like me out there. my personal fantasy is to have a woman let me make her cum with my mouth for hours.there's nothing like watching from between her legs as she cums and you look up and see the ecstasy!unfortunately not many woman can tolerate the intense stimulation for that long.i hope you find your perfect tongue.

PussyLickker05 59M
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3/17/2005 7:54 am

Grrrreat story and thinking! Read my Blog I posted before finding yours to read. "Less Intercourse...More foreplay and ORAL.......". Such a large number of women go through life never knowing what the real experience of sex should be, or could be. Thanks again for an enlightening article!

zenyen 67M

3/17/2005 8:13 am

Hi, finelady-

Sorry it took you so long to find it;glad you finally did. There are a lot of men like that. I'm one, although I have to admit that every once in a while I like to be first to receive. I don't do cock shots - no big thing. Maybe I should do a tongue shot? I guess the next thing for you to discover is G-spot stimulation along with the oral.

concours1 57M
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3/17/2005 8:18 am

There is nothing wrong with lusting after oral sex. I love eating a woman and making her cum. I have actually gotten very close to cumming myself just from eating pussy. I love the smell and taste. I haven't met a pussy I don't like to eat!
Whatever happened to that lover? It sounds like you are at a point in your life where the two of you would go well together.

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3/17/2005 9:57 am

42 is a late to find out about being pleased with a tongue, but glad you found out, i love giving and receiving oral

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3/23/2005 7:43 am

nahh all u nid is giv mi achance

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3/24/2005 11:06 am

You should try being licked and touched all over except for that 3 inch by 3 inch area around your pussy for quite awhile (maybe an hour), then have your partner focus on your pussy as you like it (i.e., licking, sucking, kissing). Just as you mentioned showing your breasts to entice the curiousity, so will the "teasing" before the "focus". I have almost had my ears ripped off doing that. It's such a pleasure to watch such intensity! Equally, having a woman do the same in return is almost spiritual. Getting off is great, but getting there is even greater.


3/26/2005 9:13 am

You can never get enough of ORAL! It's such a treasured fixation to me, so I know what you mean. I'm glad to hear you've finally discovered what a wonderful feeling it is to have a orgasm from being devoured......and to return the favor to your man is just as satisfying. You go girl!

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