fulfilling your fantasy?  

finelady4_44 57F
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7/30/2005 8:33 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

fulfilling your fantasy?

I confess, I find myself entertaining the thought of fulfilling the "older woman" fantasy so many younger men have. I have always giggled over the idea but declined the offer. It occurs to me that I would derive some sort of decadent satisfaction over taking a younger, inexperienced man and showing him the sensual delights that would make all his future lovers awed by his skills and ability to satisfy.

After all, its almost as though nature intends this for a woman in her 40's. We are sexually peaking and crave lots of sex, whereas most men in their 40's seem to think getting it up once is enough! NOT! ( my apologies to any men over 40 that are virile and capable of more...trust me, you are a RARE FIND!)

So, I do believe a younger lover would suit me better, and I get a cheap thrill out of knowing maybe I would give him many "firsts" as far as experiencing a very sensual lover.

playtoy1xxx 59M
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7/30/2005 10:20 pm

hi i am a male who at 18 got to sleep with my mothers best friend who was 45 at the time. and it was great. ever since then i have loved older women. and by the way i am that rare breed now 46 and can get it up quite a few times a day. the women i know say that they should be the ones wearing me out but there the ones geting worn out. and I dont know what the secret is since i have been that way since being a teenager.

MackJulia 61M/57F
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7/30/2005 10:32 pm

Finelady...I was 18+ years old, was in college in England (a foreign land for me...), rented a room in this house. She was 36 years old at that time and the landlady of the house. She was so pretty I would stammer everytime we spoke. Had on many occasions relieved myself with her as my sex object in my mind wondering how would it be to have sex with her...

I would have a hard-on by just passing by her in her garden while she was sun bathing in her bikinis. It was sheer torture for me...

One day in her bath robe, she knocked on my door and asked if I could assist her with the gas meter in the bathroom, a coin was caught in it. That coin wouldnt budge in the gas meter slot neither could it be gripped out of it...even using my finger nails...had to knock it down with a screw driver. Got the gas going eventually, (oh..by the way...the slot machine was behind the bathroom door just above the floor.)

So while she was stirring the bath water mixing it with cold and hot water, I was admiring her from behind....I was overcome with lust that I just took the chance of lifting her bathrobe, exposing her lovely looking butt and just sank my face behind her....(I did expect to be kicked away by her....lol) but instead I heard her moaning and she angled herself so I could lick her even better. Pubic hair brushing my cheeks, my nose in her cunt, my tongue reaching for her clitoris and her juice smeared my nose and my upper lips. (Could have drowned...lol). The feeling was so intense for me that I was already shooting my load in her after the first few strokes inside her...in the same position. She was holding onto the side of the bath, me fucking her from behind..

We had a full week of sex after that, she showed me so many moves and positions...and even instructed me step by step how she wanted to be made love to...She was using me and I loved every minute of it!!!!

Had to leave the town to enrol into a university, called her from there but later she told me she was going out with this guy..broke my tender heart....

I am 48 years old now, married with 3 kids. Those memories I still cherish...and my wife would tell me to treat her like my landlady, and I usually do.

So Finelady..let me know of your progress, wish I could peek into her mind at that time...how she felt etc...maybe I could peek into yours if you are willing to share them with me..

Sorry for the long comment, thought I'd share this with you...


classicmagnum99 32M
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7/31/2005 8:51 am

I rather go out with an older women then an younger one most of them don't know what to do in bed as for the older ones well lets just say thay could teach me a trick or two

rm_Ron959 58M
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8/1/2005 6:24 pm

I think that the thing that makes a good lover at 45 is a good teacher at 18. I never got to do the older lady thing (wait, my gf then was 3 months older) but we were awesome together, we both told the other what was good and I learned a lot in my 8 years with her. All of wich I still use with never a complaint.

rm_easyguy607K 56M

8/2/2005 8:23 am

Hi - I must say I find older women very interesting. I have ever since I was young - my first lover was 23 when I was 20, but even before that I liked older women. I still do. And most women in their 40's seem to be so much more open about what they want, not all mind you but most. I can say I unlike most men my age desire sex constantly and can go for as long as I wish to with the female who is willing and able to do so. I am sure with your fine figure you turn a lot of heads at work.

1_hardrock_4u 54M  
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8/7/2005 6:37 pm

i happen to be in that "over 40 " crowd and i promise you ,,,its not the age ,,its the person. i've been divorced for almost 2 years now and "cant get enough" (and even still sleeping with the ex several times a week.) i'm just starting to enjoy my freedom with new friends and everyday is a new experience for me. my last encounter didnt leave here till 6:30am saturday morning,,exhalsted and smiling. ( and shes younger) so dont think that all guys over 40 bust it a couple times a week for 5 minutes ,,then go to sleep.

good post though hun~~~~~~~hardrock

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