The day the music died  

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3/11/2005 2:48 pm

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The day the music died

I was dressed to thrill.. I mean I felt absolutley gorgeous! Red lace and satin camisole with my breasts positively SPILLING OUT... sheer red blouse over it, sleek black pants and what we girls call "fuck me" sandals. Coiffed, and manicured, red toenails, long red nails, red lips, sparkling jewelry, I was smmmmmmmokin!

It was a gathering for men who love BBW, a perfect place for me, being a rubenesque beauty. I sat at the bar, ordered a drink , and feel hot eyes on me, alllll around me...mmmm feels good to feel so damn sexy. I sat and BS'd with fellow patrons, feeling his dark eyes absorbing me, almost caressing me from the side. snuck a peek, wow... tall dark and handsome... yummy! Now if he has a brain and a sense of humour, he is perfect!

Finally, he approached me and introduced himself trying oooooo so hard to not be too obvious about his secret glances at my creamy breasts half exposed. We spent the next 5 hrs, dancing, laughing, talking, eventually kissing and o dear god could the man KISS! He smelled so good, I wanted to just lick that beautiful neck and taste that beautiful skin.He took my breath away, I was spellbound. When we said our goodbyes the passion in the air was palpable, surrounding us, enveloping us. I was amazed yet delighted that he didnt try to seduce me. There is something to be said about anticipation!

For 3 weeks I was mezmerized by him, his slightest touch to my hand, my skin, his lips against mine would make me tremble. I thought I had finally found my equal in passion.

We met at his place and made out like teenagers, licking and sucking and groping and semi orgasmic before we even removed our clothes. He was beautiful, he didnt chew my tender nipples, he licked and sucked so wonderfully, he began at my feet and literally covered every square inch of my body with his mouth. I was so hungry to recipocate. I masterfully rang my long red nails all over his balls, his ass, his back his inner thighs while my mouth devoured his cock.

I have studied the art of fellatio on a website a girlfriend turned me onto, because I dont like to do anything half ass, and I love giving a lover the ultimate pleasure.

For the next hour I watched his cock rise.. then fall... then rise... then fall, never able to stay hard despite my best efforts. God god, not NOW! not when Im craving him to bury himself in me!

Finally he gave up, and we lay there and held each other.

Little did I know it was the beginning of the end.

2, 3 more meeting, passion so intense, groping licking, sucking, and again .... nothing. I reassured, I was positive, I was open each time. I was too crazy about him to care. We would work thru it together!

He began to withdraw from me slowly yet surely. he made remarks like, "you will eventually get tired of this, you desire more" and I replied... "your ability to have an erection and sustain it doesnt define u as a man"

Sadly, though I believed it, he didnt.
Today the music died, the lovely waltz that spun me around the room so many times, smiling, smiling, joy in my heart, always eager for his smile, his touch.

Today he lashed out over foolish simple things for what seems like the 100th time, and finally said "Its Over"

My heart hurts, my mind is numb, and I want to know why is it a man cannot accept that a woman can care for him with or without erections?

This is my third experience with a man with EDS.

In each occasion the man had too much pride to face it with me and work thru it. It seems to be a common occurence for 50+ men.

Im still dazed...

Steve_Ski 67M
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3/26/2005 8:11 am

To bad about his confidence issues, but we tend to make mountains out of mole hills. Even with all the support you offered, he gave up trying to make it work. I'm sure if you didn't get wet that neither one of you would mind if he helped out. And it sounded like you felt it was a good thing upto that point.
Well girl, more fish out there.

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