My Big night out on the town...  

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6/18/2006 4:40 pm

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My Big night out on the town...

Saturday night I said to myself, "Kristen you need to get OUT of this house and have some fun for once! Sooooo.. Operation get glamourous began and once I was 100% sure I was completely dressed to dazzle (see pic) off I went to the Tristate BBW party..

So I get there, and theres a ratio of 75% women. 25% men, I kid you not. I go to the bar, order a tall draft beer, and notice Im being very closely checked out by a number of had to be the lime green shirt! Ha!

I step outsideto the patio and its like 100 degrees out there, and I can feel my hair wilting as I stand there. The bartender out there introduces himself, tells me I look gorgeous in green ( I blush) and proceeds to make it clear he is interested. He actually acted dazed and amazed when I told him I was 46 (he was 35). He is tall, handsome, bald, and darnit all as skinny as a stick! He tells me to make sure to come back on my birthday in July so he can buy me a drink and celebrate. Convinced that by now he must surely see the trickles of sweat dripping down my cleavage, I graciously excuse myself and go back inside where the SANE people are enjoying the comforts of AC!

The minute I get to bar and sit this old dude, who proudly informs me he is 62.. ( I woulda guessed 75!) LATCHES on to me.. I mean I cant shake him for nothing!

Im a nice person, I dont want to be rude, but there I am with about 4 pairs of eyes on me checking me out, and Im thinking "good god they think me and OLD dude are together!"

I played some trivia games, got some laughs out of some of the other people sitting at the bar with my quirky sense of humour..(if you knew me, you would understand), and finally after realizing old dude wasnt letting me out of his sight..told him uh oh, I turn into a pumpkin at midnite,, and sashayed out the room, went home, stripped off gorgeous outfit and put on jammies and bunnie slippers and sighed deeply as I consumed a large quantity of icecream...sighhhhhhh.

yup, thats right, Im a WILD THANG! In my mind anyways!

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