Has anyone any experience?  

fineirishcream3 43M/44F
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1/26/2006 2:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Has anyone any experience?

My husband and I are looking for a committed relationship with another woman. Someone who we both love and loves us both. We eventually want someone who will come live with us and raise a family together. I've never been with a woman, but I've been bi-curious all my life. During our exploration into a threesome we realized we were looking for more than just sex with someone. I was wondering has anyone ever been in a pleural marriage and how do you go about finding the right person?

sweetbutter1960 51M/57F  
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1/26/2006 4:28 pm

Hi we are a 3some living together in the same house and sleeping in the same bed every night. Frist of all you say your bi curious and never been with a female before and you don't even know it you even like it.You have to do it for yourself not for your man he will love making love to two females. He was the one that found the female and started going out with her and they started having sex. I was the bi one and she was bi curious one he found out a month later. I had my frist when I was a teenager and keeped to myself for many years. She would look at a female and get turned on by their big tits and tight ass. Me and him lived in the same house for 13 years and we both knew about the the other female and we became best friend first. So first of all you have to find a bi female to make lone lasting love with (2 female can go for hours and hours). And if you like it and want to go on then go for it but if you don't be honets with your self . But don't do anything with him first just 2 females and no males to see if you like it. If she likes men and has no one it might work out with her but the best way is to find a good friend to do it with.

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