Truthfull and honest to self.....Its the Fast Track  

finallyagoodone 45M
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4/27/2006 11:32 am

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6/21/2006 5:07 am

Truthfull and honest to self.....Its the Fast Track

I wrote something to a friend that once again, just comes out word by word and I am not sure of where it comes from but I get it and I just let it keep cumming...This was what had followd the original message after she had replied...and bless her dirty naughty heart for replying cause I had a Boner that could ring the bell at any circus when and while i was writing..I actually only stopped because My hands and feet were cold..Well maybe not quite that hard of an on
She said tha she liked it and tha she didnt mind me thinking out loud. I thought hmm but how? What did it make her feel? Cause if I knew, I could write her even hornier stuff, which would make me hornier too, because we all know why I was put here right?....

And So...after she said she liked what I had thrown out her...which was a short little dirty thought to see if she would be aroused or offended, and she said she didnt mind me thinking out loud......I said......

Well I really would rather think out loud... there is only one problem with that though, I wont answer myself out loud so I need you to. At the ver least put a few nouns verbs aadjectives etc and repond with exactly what you are feeling when you read it....It is important to just let doesnt even matter if what you write doesnt exactly pertain to mine....just what you are feeling and thinking...This will open up a whole new awreness about yourself, for you and you wll see why and how you are what you dont want to be and who and how you can be more you.think you can? I hope so ...if you are going to...tell me what you felt from reading my first one...I had a boner rock solid by the time a finished it...It only took 2 minutes ...only becaus eof my typing skills...each word just pops into place..I never is free flowing creative juices..just like the kind in the bottom of balls ..when it cums out, ther aint nothin stopping it, no fear can stop those horny fukers from doing what they are intent on doing...and nothiong can put them back where tey came from..the event has been and now is a was!...(You may have to read that again) but so are our thoughtsand feelings and to change them is only shorting ouselves of the true people we are, what we are eant to be and where out =r path is taking us...

Basically, what My man is trying to say is be truthfull and honest to self. Do not deny your feelings because you deny yourself true happiness.

.......and so it will only take longer to get wher it is you want to be going..because REGARDLESS, you are goona get to that same exact pojnt of existence , '/awareness/ and the only difference is whicjh roads you will be taking...some take so much longer and take way more energy than needed...if you had only been honest with yourself..

..and the


4methebombshell 60F

4/27/2006 10:17 pm

I'm glad you told me you wrote again. I wouldn't have known otherwise and I do like reading your thoughts...dirty little thoughts and random thoughts alike. I am after all a dirty little girl and a random thinker.
What is this path we are on? I question too much, act too little. I edit. The verbal thing is tough for some of us. We place too much value on the thoughts and feelings of others. Not enough importance on our own. So, I am learning, and perhaps you are a teacher, perhaps you are simply a friend. Keep writing, as I feel you have much more to say, and not all of it to do with fucking. And I am interested.

Smiles1962006 58F
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6/2/2006 8:58 pm

so how come you stopped writing?

perhaps you kept writing, but didn't want to share with Blogland?


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