Pure filth  

filthy 53M
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6/5/2006 1:17 am

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7/24/2014 8:41 pm

Pure filth

whats a man to do, when he always horney? Wank or go lookin for the real thing?
me im doin both! must say that you always seem to have better luck when your overseas, well i did. meet some for the best woman while i was traveling, who were just as oversexed as i am.
why is so hard to find a woman who wants to have as much sex as i do? Is it just me? mmmm one wonders after a while.

It seems to me that if ur a bit to kinky (I love creampies and shaved pussys) ur out of luck or they dont want to have you tryin to get into there pants all the time. How do you get a woman to want it as much as you do?
Do they exist/
If so where are they?

rockhard4u1960 57M
3 posts
8/30/2006 8:07 am

hunyhole, I second filthy in what he says, if you are as horny as I am, let's meet up and fill all your huny holes babe. Should be fun

BBWslut4u2fuk 48F
45 posts
12/20/2006 11:47 am

Oh they exist alrighty!

Nothing better than spending my days off getting naughty!


filthy 53M
2 posts
6/20/2007 12:40 am

well if theres a woman in need of hrs of sucking and lives in melbourne australia, cum save me!! i will suck u till u cant cum no more!!

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