Well Katie this ones for you  

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2/14/2006 10:20 am

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Well Katie this ones for you

Well lets see tell you about me. IM 6'2" 200lbs. used to play a ton of sports, but work and the closing of my rink has cut out the last sport i truely enjoyed ( and the only one i miss anymore ) Hockey. So i read alot, books by authors like..Alexander Dumas, Robert Jordan, George Martin and my lastest new favorite Patrick O'brian. When not deep in a book im online playing Video games ( im such a nerd anymore ) im an easy going light hearted person that just doesnt have enough time in the day for all things i want to do.

I have never really done this onliine date thing but my social life is almost non existant at this time, i figured what the hell and ill give it a shot.

Im in sales .. production actually. My company produces trade shows, in fact ill be in Charlotte in March for a about 4 days ( cant wait to get out of this cold )

My interest, well that is a little harder to identify. obvisouly i like books and video games. I enjoy camping and boats ( love them old frigates and man-of-wars from around the turn of the 19th century) im sorta of a history buff..but its like selective memory..there is only parts of histroy that truely grab my attention.

Hmm my thoughts, are ALWAYS in the gutter, im a scorpio without a release ( save my own 2 hands <<loves being ambidexerous, its like cheating on myself ). I am playful and flirt alot, and sometimes i will cross a line or 2 but never out of malice, or the intent to injur or offend. that old addage of take me with a grain of salt certainly applies.

Creations..i have 2 ..My 13yr old son, and my 8 yr old daugther. they are my life line, my everything. nothing on this earth made or created could ever in my eyes equal the perfection of my children ( no they are not perfect but hey im aloud to be bias)

well that is it for now since im on company time and dont think they will like the knowledge they just paid me to write all this out )
talk to you all soon. if there is anything anyone else would liek to hear about feel free to thro in your 2 cents i give back change

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