Timing is is verything.  

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2/21/2006 1:44 am

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Timing is is verything.

so its 3:30am the wind is howling its morunful cry through my windows. its been 90 mins since i laid down to goto sleep. With the hopes that tomorrow will arise, and the foolish ramblings of this night will have been just a dream. the truth is, what is said, can not be unsaid.

I am a hopeless romantic i suppose, i still believe love at first sight exist. I believe u can spot your perfect mate regardless of time, place or location. I knew it then that first moment i saw her picture.

That devine creature. that loving, caring vixon. My *blueprint* of the perfect women i told you all about. is proving that its not bad to be a hopeless romantic. Conversation with her is smooth, witty, intilligent, sarcastic when applies, playful, sexy. I mean she makes a muskrat seem erotic. This women is stealing my heart, and there seems to be no way to stop it. sounds sappy, i know but it is truely the most unbelievable thing happening. Now i know the guys out there are *cringin* going DUDE STOP NOW. or laughin and saying what a limp wrist fag, no guy tells anyone that shit its instant ruin. I straight as an arrow my brothers. and about as stupid as one. Cause you guessed it i throw cation to the wind, i rolled the dice, i played my hand ( and mean the whole flipping hand )

This poor sweet flower. there is so much going on in her life atm. none i have permission to share. the feelings ( cause i fully believe they do) are mutual, they are just mixed in with all that is going on in her life. In my moment of weakness, looking as a few new pics she sent, new ones she made for me. ( no they where not nudies u perverts. in fact they where all headshots. and all with cloths on.) the are stunning, and breath taking. i would share but again i do not have that liberty. and we were in a pretty deep and emtional conversation about the speed of out attraction, the almost bursting of feelings and emotions neither one of us has exeperianced in a long time. and ones that old solid walls, defenses, oaths and promises had sealed away.

I do not like looking back into my past and saying *what if* or * man,i should have dont that*. I believe life can be broken down like this. chance + risk + preserverance + luck + awarness + timing = success. Well i took that chance.

She was stunned of course, can you blame her. i was shocked my fingers wouldnt stop typing.

All is not lost tho, my timming is off, and she didnt run to the hills. Her life is in a state of flux. She needs time to reorient her life as it is now, and a bit o time. time is the one thing i have an abundance of. i believe that with each day that goes by, as every time we talk ( cause she still talks to me.)the feelings will continue to grow. i know i need her now more then i did 2hrs ago. its all the proof i need to know my words where true, justified and sincere. blinded by these emtions though i missed a key element in the success at this moment.. timing.

Hmmm after writing this and reading it. Tomorrow will come, and tonight will not have been a dream. and i am ok with it. I havent shot myself in my foot, just nicked the my big toe, as a reminder to trent lightly on this thin ice. if it is truely ment to be; the ice will thicken, and the path less dangerous. and the even greater thing she will be there leading way.

newfornow22 34F

2/23/2006 4:06 am

awww, hunny......

newfornow22 34F

2/23/2006 4:56 am

thank you

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