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fiestyearthgypsy 48F
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2/22/2005 10:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

wondering thoughts

Just lying there beneath the stars with that dreamy look in my eyes ... feeling those sweet tingles all over while being licked on the earlobe. It takes but only a moment or two to figure out just how effected I am by that lovely sensation. You take my hand with yours and slowly slide it beneath the silky skirts you wanted me to wear this evening. Now I know why ... LOL

rm_stephenc1966 52M
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3/4/2005 6:07 pm

Your quotes always remind me of other lines, like this:

With your silhouette when the sunlight dims
Into your eyes where the moonlight swims,
And your match-book songs and your gypsy hymns,
Who among them would try to impress you? (bob dylan)


Gypsy gal, the hands of Harlem
Cannot hold you to its heat.
Your temperature's too hot for taming,
Your flaming feet burn up the street.
I am homeless, come and take me
Into reach of your rattling drums.
Let me know, babe, about my fortune
Down along my restless palms. (b. dylan, too)

ExigiGlowsCubic 70M
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5/8/2005 10:07 pm

Blessed be young witch, It is a bit surprising to find a fellow Goddess worshiper on these pages. blessed be these feet that have brought you to this place (Kiss) blessed be these knees that that allow you to bend and set on the edge of a bed (Kiss) blessed be your womb from which all life comes (several Kiss in this area) blessed be your breast from which the food for all childern flows (several Kisses here also) blessed be these lips from which the Goddess grants the sweetest necter and sounds to come from. (more Kisses here) No wonder the Pagans have so much fun. Perhaps we can share pages from each others Book of Shadows Merry Met.

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8/20/2005 7:42 am

Is it interesting that this Blog is the 5th "Most Popular Blog in San Diego & Vicinity" and the author hasn't visited AdultFriendFinder for the last 6 months?

rm_swetLATV 50T
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9/16/2005 1:10 am

Gypsy beauty is the model I keep learning to wear. I hope to get the magic that beauty means. I got named Lola and it is in honor of a Spaniard Gypsy singer: LOLA FLORES.

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