full-fill my fanatsy.....  

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3/24/2005 8:27 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

full-fill my fanatsy.....

I live just next to the moors and I would love to be picked up one day in a car and to be blinfolded/handcuffed and driven to the moors to be fucked real hard with out a single word being spoken!!!

Whilst we are driving up there I would like to be orderd to suck on your cock hard as you are to busy driving and play with my pussy at the same time if you havent handcuffed me yet

I would like to be taken in the car and on it and around and anywhere else that you could think of!

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3/24/2005 9:42 am

I will take you far away and fuck you so hard
I will fill every hole in your body with my cock
baby send your email to me

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3/24/2005 9:45 am

but I afried you can not handel my big cock
tell me more about your self baby I waitng

tat2dmale69 49M

3/24/2005 10:22 am

A little out of my range, but I would love to fulfill that fantasy. The whole (with a pass word) thing would really get me off. I'd love to force you to suck my cock as my large hands played with your moist shaven pussy under your soaked thong. I wouldn't speak. I would just move your body where I wanted to take it. Outside of the car, with nobody around, I'd throw you over the hood of the car... pull down your panties and bury my face in your pussy from behind. Just enough to get you wet enough to accept my hard cock to slam freely to the base. Harder and harder, I'd thrust. I'd pull your long, beautiful, black, hair and just before I came I'd stop and eat you again. I would switch this until you were trembling. email me and let me know if that is what you had in mind.

rm_bluegenes51 57M
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3/24/2005 11:22 am

It is dusk and I am waiting for you outside in my Land Rover. Finally, you arrive home. While you are looking for your dooe keys, I slip in behind you, grab each of your arms and handcuff them behind you. Your natural instinct is to turn around, but before you can, I blindfold you, lead you to my vehicle and put you into the front seat. After we are into the moors, I unzip my jeans and remove my hard cock..I help you to lie down so that your head is resting upon my upper thigh. I grab a handful of your hair and move your mouth to my cock...when you open your mouth, I push your head forward so that my cock slides into your mouth... I grab your hair again and and move your head up and down my cock until you are moving on your own..I notice that you have begun to rub your pussy with your cuffed hands and are beginning to move your hips in rhythm with your cocksucking. When we reach a secluded spot in the moors, the fog is just beginning rise. I stop the vehicle, get out and lead you out of the passenger's door. I lean you over the front of the hood, place another hand cuff on your left wrist, unlock the first cuff from it and cuff you bent over the front of the hood. I slide your panties off and lift your skirt.. I rub the head of my cock along your pussy lips, coating it with your warm pussy juices...themn I slowly slide my hard cock all of the way into your pussy 'til my balls are brushing against your pussy lips..in and out slowly, coating my cock with your pussy juices...when it is completely covered, I slide my cock from your pussy, spread your ass cheeks apart and slowly work the head of my cock into your tight ass.. I stop as soon as the head is in to allow your ass muscles to relax...when the have, I slide the entire length of my hard cock into your ass..I start slowly...in and out of your tight ass and gradually start to pound your ass harder and faster...your tits are swaying in rhythm to my cock pounding your ass..the Land ROver is moving slightly form our motion against it and we both are breathing faster and faster...Finally, I can hold back no longer and shoot wave after wave of hot cum into your ass... when I slide my cock from your ass, a bit of cum runs out and down your inner thigh. I help you put your panties back on, uncuff you from the hood, put you into the vehicle and drop you back at your house, leaving you blindfolded, cuffed and with the key to the cuffs. I am out of sight before you are able to remove the blindfold...


3/25/2005 5:25 am

how about cumin with me i will take you on an plane to somwhere hot and fuck you on the beach every day for 7 days and 7 nights lol tony

keithcancook 61M
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3/25/2005 7:11 pm

wonderfully wicked fiesty!

mnfun952 103M

3/26/2005 9:16 am

...I think a butt-plug will add to your excitement... you are taken someplace where you can tell you're in public... you feel the butt-plug as you are guided to the next location. You wonder if anyone else can tell how excited you are at this moment.


3/27/2005 2:40 pm

Its a beautiful day,the long, morning, bath has left you refreshed.As you slip on a new lacy thong the softness runs through your body and you imagine a hand running up your thighs,the thought lingers then just as quickly is gone as you must head out.mini skirt on and dressed to impress the sunshine brings a smile to your face as you head toward the shops.you notice a few men gaze and you can imagine what thoughts are going throught their minds,taking you and feeling your tight pussy,yes thats what they want you think as you feel a dampness and tingle between your legs.quite oblivious and lost in deep thought you dont here the car pull up just behind you and the footsteps moving closer.suddenly a hand meets your mouth and lips meet your neck as i kiss you,your heart races and your breath holds for what seems like forever until you recognise the aftershave and the way i kiss you.you feel a hand between your thighs as i let you suck on my finger,running your tongue around the tip to tease us.im slowly walking you to the car,still kissing and caressing your inner thighs,some people are looking unapproving but we are lost in the moment.I sit you in the seat and lean you forward taking each arm behind you and tying them,a blindfold goes over your eyes as a lady from a shop stares,probably dreaming of being taken in such a way,cursing her prude of a husband and longing for the young member of staff to take her hard.she watches drive away her panties slightly moist and decides she must make her move.
We drive for afew minutes,speechless and actionless until i stop the car.my hand slides up your thighs,starting where i left off,briefly rubbing against your damp slit,teasing you as i start to kiss and nibble on your thighs,a thumb now massaging your clit,getting your thong wetter,a hand now pulls them down and you feel my lips inches from your pussy,you tremble,aching to feel my tongue on you but i make you wait a few more minutes before parting your lips pushing my tongue inside your red hot cunt tasting the juice trickling into my mouth,i move to your clit,sucking it all into my mouth and letting my tongue run around it as i let 2 fingers slide in you and hook up to meet your gspot,rubbing it hard,still sucking on your clit,youre moaning loud and i speed up my rhythm faster and harder until you gasp and i feel your cum dribbling down my fingers,i lick some up while pushing my fingers in your mouth letting you taste your cum.my cock is now throbbing,i pull off my jeans and boxers,grab your head and guide your mouth to my cock,start up the car and continue our journey.as im driving im grabbing your hair and moving your head up and down showing you how i want it and making sure you take every inch and taste my pre cum,not letting you stop until we have reached a semi secluded place on the moors.i pull your head off,get you out of the car,bend you over the bonnet,hitch up your skirt and let my cock slide against your wet lips and clit,letting myself slide in an inch before pulling out again,teasing until you cant take anymore and eventually speak,begging to be fucked.my cock slides all the way in,i grab your hips and hair and start fucking you fast and hard,my balls slapping against you and your wet cunt squelching as i pound into you.a hand reaches around and plays with your clit,which is just enough for you to cum again and as your pussy tightens around my cock i feel myself about to cum,quickly pull out,pull you off the bonnet to your needs and slide my cock into your mouth again,grabbing your head and as i start to fuck your mouth you feel my cock engorge then explode as my cum hits the back of your throat,i take it out spunk still spraying over your hair and face.i havnt finished with you yet,lying down on the grass i take you with me,getting into a 69 so you can suck my cock ready for more.i lick pussy,sliding some fingers in and run my tongue around your ass and in your hole before moving back to your clit,making you wet and me hard again.i push your ass forward and feel your hot pussy slide down my body and to my hard cock,youre kneeling,straddled over me lowering yourself to take my full length,then start pounding down on it,using it to pleasure yourself,i slap your ass and finger it as you ride me.as we fuck another car pulls up beside and a couple get out,not noticing us until they walk around our car to see you blindfolded,tied and sliding up and down my cock.they look at each other and.....thats another story..xx


3/29/2005 2:12 pm

....smile-a dirty look about them.i see them staring,you still tied,blindfolded and riding my cock unaware anyone is watching.the man starts to rub his cock through his jeans and his partner pulls up her skirt and i watch her slip her hand inside her knickers and begin playing with herself.a few seconds later the man walks over to you,watches you briefly enjoying the feeling of a hard cock penetrating your wet hole.he pulls his hard cock from his jeans and only when he is feeding it into your mouth do you realise we have company.you have no ideas whose it is or where he came from but having a strange cock suddenly sliding into your mouth doubles the excitement and you begin thrusting up and down harder and faster,sucking on the lovely hard cock,already tasting the pre cum as you roll your tongue around the tip.his partner,wanting some fun of her own removes her knickers,straddles my head and lowers her pussy on to my awaiting tongue,shes already very wet,the sweet taste like nectar in my mouth.as i suck her clit and lick out her hole she leans forward and starts to finger your ass as you pump up and down on my cock.the guy looks ready to shoot his load in your mouth but holds back,he pulls you off my cock,lies you face down on a nearby boulder,your ass sticking up at him and your wet dripping pussy needing fucking.i push off his female companion and lie her beside you.i slide into her as he does you.you feel him pumping into you hard,pulling on your arms and pushing you where you lie,making you feel every inch and fucking you harder with each thrust,i do the same to his partner,youre both moaning and screaming loud as the orgasm goes through you,tensing your bodies and your pussies around our cocks,we're both ready to cum,pulling out and shooting all your bare asses.you feel the hot stream on your ass cheeks,up your back and trickling down your legs.i get his girl to suck me clean as he does you,enjoying te taste of cum in your mouth once more.you are relieved of your blindfold at last,i untie you and the couple asks if we'd like to continue at there place.we obviously cant refuse and make for the car.....

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7/7/2005 3:12 pm

just call me i will take you to the scottish moors and fuck the arse of you

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7/21/2005 11:54 am

not even what to say u look like fun and i can handle and two others and well see who comes out ahead and u laying there saying no more iam done daddy

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7/21/2005 11:59 am

iam a truck driver who would picku up in rig to go whereever the road may take us to 2010 to be done traveling we be doing in the back while ever body drive by us or to even do it on top of the truck while in the rain out knower

stranton2 39M
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2/16/2006 10:29 am

GOD these guys are so fucking sad, big cock this and oh baaaby that, "listen" i'm filling up my car with enough fuel send me your e-mail address and i'll be the naughty fucker you want. STRANTON2

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