Valentines day just came to quick  

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2/14/2006 7:55 pm

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Valentines day just came to quick

So today was an interesting day at work I happen to work at Hallmark and today being Valentines Day was nothing short of laughable. Men coming in searching for the right card to get their wives/girlfriends only to find that we are running low on Valentines Day cards THAT’S A SHOCKER FOLKS! As they raced around the store grabbing candy, teddy bears, and cards in hopes of making her happy. I stood back and just cracked up fools I say.

I even heard some say that today just came to quick. That they didnt have enough time. WHAT in the hell does that mean? Have you had your heads in the sand for oh say a month? February 14th has only been Valentines Day for as long as I can remember and you just forgot to buy your woman something until today. Your lucky that you have that nice Zales bag in your hand, Cause that lame ass card you just bought just wont cut it.

I’ll admit it I was a little pissy when I would see a guy walk in with a bag from the jewelry story just down the hall. I could just imagine what was inside that box a ring or maybe a nice diamond necklace. I guess if I want a ring or a necklace I can just pony up the dough and buy it myself at least then I know it will be something that I want.

Overall though I had a great day my kids made me cards and we made some cookies.So I did end up having someone special to share the day with after all.

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