Things that piss me off.  

fiery_one06 36F
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2/1/2006 8:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Things that piss me off.

I dont know at what point today my day went to hell but it went down hill very fast. It seemed like everyone was on a mission to piss me off and they succeed in doing so. I just feel the need to ramble on and get this out of my system. I know I just did a list on relationships but this is my blog and I will vent when I need to.

1. People who dont use their blinkers
2. Telemarketers ~ if you dont know how to say my name dont call me.
3. People who dont call when they say they will.
4. Clutter, yes I am a neat freak.
5. Smokers just nasty!
6. Since I do live in Maine the summer, damn tourists why if its called "tourists season" are we not allowed to shoot them?
7. Fake peopele.
8. People who drive in the fast lane on the high way and do the speed limit.
9. People who dress their animals
10. Anyone who doesnt use cross walks, yes I will run you over so RUN FAST!

I think thats good for now. I kinda like top 10 lists and these are my biggest pet peeves anyway.

AdventureBeckons 44M
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2/2/2006 12:03 am

One thing that bugs me about smokers is the fact that so many of them litter their cigarette butts everywhere. I know very few who are diligent about cleaning up the mess.

In general though, if we didn't have stupid people we would have a lot less to laugh about! Let them dress their dogs.

fiery_one06 36F

2/2/2006 9:55 am

Hey I'm jealous of the dogs they are dressed in better clothes than I am! Smokers are my biggest bitch though I cant stand to see woman who are driving their mini van with the kids in the back and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Its not fair to the kids to have to be around that smoke and the parents think just cause I have my window open it doesnt affect them. GUESS WHAT FOLKS IT DOES.

FriendlybutKinky 50M

2/2/2006 11:56 am

I am with you on many of these, but....

It is not a "fast" lane, it is a "passing" lane to pass people and vehicles that are not going the speed limit (like older drivers, vehicles towing loads, or people who feel the driving conditions do not merit a faster speed (snow, fog, rain). Now if they are hanging out there under the speed limit, while not passing, that is another issue.

People do not like the idea of "limits" in general, I wonder if it was called "maximum safe speed" or "maximum recommended speed" if people might have less of a problem with it.

Ironically, people who drive fast, and come up behind vehicles going the speed limit cause more accidents, and traffic jams, than vehicles moving at consistent speeds. If we all traveled the speed limit on congested roads, we would actually arrive faster than when people speed up and slow down when they catch up to traffic pulses.

If you study traffic dynamics, you would be surprised at some of what you might learn. Including how going fast makes everyone go slower on crowded roads.

I could also mention about driving the speed limit dramatically increasing fuel efficiency, which if practiced by all drivers, would substantially decrease the demand for fuel, and lower fuel prices.

Driving fast is a pretty selfish act, "I need to get there fast, now, I don't want anyone in my way, I will drive the way I do regardless of the consequences and risk."

Driving efficiently/safely/legally is an act of community, "I will drive safely so I do not endanger others, so I conserve resources. I will plan ahead for my travels, so I do not feel the need to jeopardize the safety of others and contribute to road rage and traffic accidents."

You also might not feel that everyone is out to get in your way if you drove the speed limit, and not have your day go to hell because all the other drivers were not joining you by going faster.

I would also be quite shocked if you had never crossed the street anywhere but a crosswalk.

fiery_one06 36F

2/2/2006 7:24 pm

Yes I have a speeding problem and a bit of road rage to go along with it.I'll admit to it but it mostly comes out when I get behind a driver that doesnt know where they are going. If you go into down town Freeport between May and October and you'll have many reasons to want to run people over. Cross walks are all over the place but people feel the need to put their children out in the road to get you to stop.

Yes that did actually happen to me once and I had half a mind to get out and bitch slap her mother.I'm sorry but you dont put a 2 year old child in the middle of the road to get me to stop my car cause your lazy ass cant walk the 5 feet to the cross walk. I'm more than happy to stop my car if you are in the cross walk cause that is that they are there for.

AdventureBeckons 44M
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2/2/2006 9:20 pm

Gee, I thought I liked to argue! FriendlybutKinky has taked the Devil's Advocate title away. Wear it with pride.

It may very well be true that all of us driving the same speed would be increase the total speed. Utilitarians would love that argument. if we were all rational and commited to maximizing utility, we might strive for that goal. Unfortunately we know that not all drivers are rational. Something just goes retarded when your butt hits the car seat.

Fend for yourself. Drive safely, and stay out of my way!

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