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1/17/2006 5:15 pm

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I think that maybe this post should have come before my last one but oh well I’m a bit bass ackwards. It all has to do with numbers folks. There is that secret number that we may or may not have shared with all those around us. When I first left my husband I kinda went into make up mode not good. Racked up 3 in no time flat. After that I got my self together and slowed down. So how many has it been since I left him......... drum roll please 6. Yeah that kinda pushed me up and over the line that I had for myself. Oh well if that makes me a slut than I'm a slut.

More often than not I have used protection but just once is all it takes for me to end with some funky STD. Not all that fun if you ask me. I had my yearly check up back in November so I know all is good I don’t want to change that. I will say this it’s fewer than 30. It may not even be as high as 20 but then that take's all the fun out if I came right out and gave the exact number. Over all its not that bad if you take into account how old I was when I first had sex at 15. So does anyone care too share their numbers?

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