Is it wrong...  

fieldsofdaisy 42F
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5/17/2006 2:46 pm

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6/4/2006 6:45 pm

Is it wrong...

when you are having sex with your husband, to close your eyes and imagine that he is someone else?

rm_tallgolfer41 43M
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5/17/2006 4:59 pm

Is this a theoretical question or have you actually done this?

Looking0100 55M

5/17/2006 6:21 pm


I always try to be an honest man. So, my first answer is not what you would like. But, I like that you want to have sex with your husband, even if you prefer to think of someone else while doing so. You are not a bad person for having these thoughts. I am sure all people are guilty of such thoughts at one time or another.

Except me. That is only because I am still a virgin, meaning that I have not had real sex with anyone ever. I still hope that will happen, but am beginning to feel that no woman ever truly wants to be with me physically, even as a friend.

I do not fault you for your thoughts. They are yours and yours alone. No one else (including me) has the right to dictate your thoughts to you or tell you that your thoughts are wrong. And I will NOT say that now.

I do have one quick and easy answer to your question. Ask your husband about this. His answer should be the only answer you need. He probably does all kinds of beautiful and sexy women while he and you fuck. That is not wrong, just SEXY. Listen to your husband and make sure he listens to you. If the two of you agree that this is good and healthy (or anything positive really), then I say GO FOR IT! But, if he says no, please be prepared to end your sexual thoughts of another man.

I do not want you to lose your husband over this. When you ask him, be gentle and courteous (and make sure he is in a good mood). Ask that he have an open mind. The two of you can share your sexual fantasies each other if you wish. That is totally up to the two of you together.

Thanks for asking.

By the way, I have so missed your writing. You have been absent for several days, and I felt sad . But, I am glad that you are back now, hopefully to stay.

Jon C.

Looking0100 55M

5/17/2006 8:12 pm


I want to concur with Dusty. Never say the wrong name to your lover/husband/boyfriend. That would be a big mistake. I also think it would be a big mistake if he said the wrong name to you.

Both of you deserve love and respect. You will always have my respect.

Oh, I forgot to say something before that I only just thought of. You asked the question "is it wrong?". Another answer I can give you is already deep within your heart. If something feels good to you (and I am sure this does), then it is not wrong at all. This is just another possible interpretation to your question. Please feel free to do whatever you like, as long as you are sure no one else will be hurt in the process.

Jon C. (please call me Jon)

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