My Fantasy series  

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My Fantasy series

I can still remember vividly the shower,but i guess im getting ahead of myself,lol
He had the fine features of his German, mother and an exceptional,chiseled face of his German father,
HE was my friend,and a friend of the family,we are both married but our partners travel allot,so we talk
and we agree to meet at a hotel we both hear about through friends,a cheap little place with but with its own personnel touch of class,
cool showers and pink butlers so we hear.
So there we stood he and I,in this shower,with the water cascading over our bodies, from a spray
above my head,another aimed at my ass and a third which played on my pussy.standing in that tiny space
with my body against that glorious
hunk of a man marvelously erotic he too was enjoying the splashing from the jets,and the sight of my body,
glistening from the water,excited him to fever pitch.
He poured shower soap on his hands then preceded to wash my flesh with his big hands,and he pushed
his cock between my ass,leaning forward,he softly bit my back,and my nipples stiffened at once.
With our eyes closed,we let our handsfeel our streaming wet bodies in a loving embrace,He took
the hand shower head and rinsed the soapsuds from my body he turned off the water,and once more held me
in his arms and stroked my back.
"close ur eyes again,'he murmured.'Stand still and let your body dry.Dont use a towel.
Now isn't that a wonderful feeling?'
I had to agree it was a wonderful,tingling sensation,a unique experience,standing there like
two statues, he ran his fingers through the wet strands of my hair,and kissed my forehead.
His penis reared up at full attention,I could feel its heat on my tummy,and the electricity between our
skin was a feeling I had not encountered before ever!he took a pink towel,and dried the last traces of water
from our bodies.Then we walked slowly to the bed stopping
occasionally to lean against the wall and kiss after awhile we arrive at
his bed he slowly lies me down .From somewhere, he produced a big vibrator with which
he then massaged my neck,my buttocks,and finally the
area around my clitoris,until I was ready to explode.
He put the vibrator away,and began to explore my body with his mouth he sucked my left nipple with such
skill that again I had the sensation that I was about to come,but he knew when to stop to protract my pleasure.
But I could play the same game,I held his magnificent cock,with its thick veins,in my mouth,and sucked him until he started
to moan,and from his agitated movements I knew that he was with in seconds of his orgasm.
Abruptly,I stopped and gripped the head of his cock,
so that the sperm was forced back.SO we played our game of almost come and go until,finally,he brought
me to a shattering climax with his lips and velvety tongue the at the last moment he bit down on my button
as I came all over his face.
In the background there was insistent samba music,and shortly afterwards he fucked me to the rhythm.
Standing behind the bed,he watched me and himself in the full-length mirror.Licking and sucking my arse he slipped his thick cock in,the pain and shock caught in my throat,as he slides in he leans forward and he whispers in my ear
too relax and enjoy,as I do I realized I did enjoy it,with no shame I let him know my pleasure
I met ever thrust forward he gives me,With a deep groan,He thrust his staff inside me and grippes me by the butt.
As I lifted my head,he bit me hard on the shoulder,and I came at the same time as him,He was a man who knew how to treat a woman and give her satisfaction.
For several hours we fucked in all sorts of positions,and we finished with a session on the air mattress
in the pool.It was fun,but it required a fair amount of acrobatic skill,and there were comical moments
when we fell off the lilo and climbed back on again.
At the end of our hot afternoon,he pushed a button,and a few minutes later a butler in a pink suit arrived,carrying a tray
on which there was chocolate milk,hot coffee,and,discretely folded in a silver casket,
the bill,based on the time we occupied the room.There were also a couple of candies in
pink wrap with the hotels name emblazoned across it,we decided to leave them alone
didn't want to have our little,encounter exposed....

EvereadyRU24me 67M

10/11/2005 7:07 am

Great stuff, and may all your fantasies cum true.

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