a common curtesy  

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7/27/2006 8:20 am

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a common curtesy

well, here goes....what can we come up with today? how about this one....???? we are wondering how many people are really for real and want to swing on this site, and how many are just adding the thought of swinging to their sex lives to spice things up. so many profiles here say that they are looking for ways to do this, yet they don't like to meet face to face --for fear of being dicovered who they are, or whatever other reason. not posting a pic ot two for reasons such as living in a very small town, to protect the kids, or whatever can be a legitimate excuse, but to e-mail, send winks, chat in a chat room and make promises to meet then back out---come on people. to only want to chat in chat rooms with certain people (especially when you live in the same town/city) and continue to make excuses NOT to meet face to face is a waste of both parties time. not to mention the wishes of the party that really does want to meet. to be totally honest, we have had to back out of plans before ourselves (and beleive me, we weren't happy about doing so) because we didn't have the gas money, couldn't find a babysitter, and for other legitimate reasons. but we have been up front, and honest, about it. after all, family does come before friends (especially in this lifestyle). and with good reason. most of us that frequent these type of sites don't want our mother to know what we are doing to know. we finally had another couple extend the courtesy this week to answer an e-mail we sent telling them we were interested. unfortunately, they declined our offer. they didn't give an explination, which was fine, because they took the time to check our profile, think about it and let us know that they weren't interested. that is more than we've gotten in the past. and for that we give them the credit they deserve. and wish more people would also give the respect to do so. we try very hard to make a practice to answer what little e-mail we receive, and show at the very least the same thought, and respect that have been extended us. after all, if someone takes the time to actually read a profile, think about wether or not they might be someone you'd like to know (or more); don't they deserve the same? here's to hoping you all find what you are looking for here.

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7/28/2006 2:21 pm

I know exactly where your comming from!

ShaltCroonTruce 63M
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8/2/2006 5:54 pm

ya a mfm is all about giving the female the most attention and it fun to make her so horny.

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