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The night before was spent with a special friend, and fun was had by all. Drinks, darts, convo, no pretense or circumstance, just friends/lovers enjoying one another. Plans are made to meet again in a few days for more fun, more of an adult nature type fun. The missus was ready to have the friend tend to the hubby as it had been that time for the missus', but not having fun in that way just makes it better all around for everyone.

The next morning, she rolls over to go to the bathroom. Out of habit, he senses her leaving the bed and just nods sleepily as she goes about her way. Also out of habit, he is standing at attention, as it is just a normal morning thing for him. He kicks the covers to gain some cooling, and dozes back off.

She returns to theie bed as she has some time before she has to get ready for work and sees him all his glory. Hungrily, she devours him with her mouth, causing him to awaken pasionately. She works his stiffness to a new level of steel, and then mounts him. As she slides him inside, she explodes just from the tip, and works it as she cums deeper inside. As he is finally able to open his eyes and focus, he sees his wife deep into the heat and thrill of a morning ride. He thrusts to match hers, but unable to keep pace, he concentrates on her nipples and licks, sucks, and bites them gently. This causes her to go even faster, taking him deeper, almost every stroke causing her body to go into convulsions from her continous orgasms. Before long, he is throbbing inside of her, and unable to fight anymore. he musters up the strength to match her force, and they explode at the exact same moment, causing them both to cry out in joy.

She rolls off after they both of come down from the high that they enjoy so much. As he catches his breath, he tells her "No more breakfast sex for you, I'll be sleep till noon now". She smiles and kisses him, and then goes about her day, satisfied and complete until their playmate returns...

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