Letters I've Written  

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9/17/2005 1:37 pm

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Letters I've Written

It rained "buckets"late this afternoon. I felt very safe, tucked away in my little home, but experienced a strong desire to again share that kind of unspoken but not uncommunicative feeling, one often experiences when watching a storm with their Love's interest.

The room still; all in silhouette, peaceful and moody. The simple, all engulfing pleasure of her gentle hand on my shoulder; the small link; a bridge between a colossal kaleidoscope of kinetic random colours and tamed, ancient, unused, instinct; housed just below our skin. Her deep, mahogany eyes absently gazing at nature's violent outburst. That sharp silhouetted, handsome, face transformed to soft, blue gray, by a distant flash of cloud shrouded lightning.

My mind went to my little dog, Joey; a resolute little Jack Russell. Afraid of nothing, save loud people (much like myself) and thunder. I would often have to winkle him out from some hastily chosen "sanctity" with soothing words and outstretched arms, then cuddle him under my warm old sweater.

I am like just such a sweater. Comfortable, warm and worn. Made of a brown wool, with the odd lost button and frayed cuffs, darned with a "near brown" coloured wool...


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