Thougths for the day.....  

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4/24/2006 1:39 pm

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Thougths for the day.....

I was thinking that I had not posted for little while so here are the thoughts .... lol

Why is it that when you finally find out how someone is and ask them to NOT talk, see , or be around you anymore , they think it is ok to blast you in a blog online and then deny that they are the one keeping the hard feelings going?????

Why is it that when you find a job you love , you can not get on with that company..?>????

Why is it so hard to find a "girl" friend..?? and
Why is the Bi lifestyle so hard????

Should I continue my search or just give up and let society win????

well, I guess I have asked enough ??? 's so I will let you all answer them ( if you want to , if you do , THANK YOU and if you dont well, thanks for atleast reading my blog) ....

Thanks Everyone,

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