Ladies, Have You Ever Slept With A Black Man?  

femalesquirter 45F
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4/5/2006 1:08 pm

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4/21/2006 2:15 pm

Ladies, Have You Ever Slept With A Black Man?

Personally, I have never had sex with a black male. It is not because I'm racially prejudiced. For me to sleep with anyone, be it man or woman, black or white, rich or poor etc, I have to be attracted initially to his physical appearance and then to the rest like personality, intelligence, etc.

Let's talk about appearance. From my previous blogs, you know that I don't think very fondly of bald headed men with goatees. These days, it seems like black men like to shave their heads and some even spot a goatee too. I asked a black lady I work with, why that is so. She said it's because "black hair" can get to be unruly and since afros are not in style, it's best to shave it all off.

Okay, point taken. But the most important factor is that I have a very hard time trying to decipher accents and lingos. Sometimes, I catch "black comedy" on tv but I can only take it so long because I can't understand what they're saying, thus not understanding their comedy. (BTW, I can't understand Asian, Hispanic and European accents very well as well)

I caught the Ophra show last week when she had Terry Mcmillan and Jonathan Plummer as her guests. Man, they say gay men are usually good looking. I totally buy it now if Jonathan Plummer is really gay. This guy has a head full of hair, neat haircut and he even has groomed eyebrows!! He is the first black guy whom I find attractive both in appearance and persona. In summary, I think it's highly possible for me to sleep with a black guy who has hair on his head for a change and speaks fluently without the "black" jargon.

liptrip4u 48F

4/21/2006 1:47 pm

Ms. FS (Femalesquirter), your profile had me in (stitches)commonly used term for laughing. I have the same problem with emails and no pic, or married, gay, and couples. However, I have precieved this to be a result of people not only not reading but visually stimulated only.

Your BLOG was a different story, the chick at your work didnt tell you the truth! Black men shave their head the same reason white men pulled those same three strings of hair from the far left corner to the right of their head or the back swoop to the front that killed Cesear long ago.(laughing) Their hairline has vanished, hence the low to bald cut. Some would rather go bald all over than to have the ugly bald spot in the center.

I personally just love MEN and it's odd when the bug strikes on what I find attractive. I dont like accents at all, I agree with you on that one.

Hope you could understand the point through the "jargon"

MrNuttz05 50M

4/21/2006 1:48 pm

Sweatheart, to be with another, no matter the heritage, the culture, or the diversity, you have to understand it! If not, that person will view you like the object that you seem to see them as... I am a professional black male & believe it or not, I don't watch most of the African American shows that are on television for the typical sterotypes that America bestows upon them. It seems to me that you have to get over a lot of hurdles to indulge with a black male. We come in all shapes, sizes, & hair styles I am bald by preference. Is there any reason for it? No! I just enjoy the hairstyle... And your African American friend is not correct with her assesment of the afro. It is still going strong...

I think your post may have come off in the wrong way... Hence, the 0 comments, I think people here, for the most part, stray away from confrontation. I see NO color... I love people... I love females, be it black, white, Latino, it doesn't matter. But I understand where they are all coming from. Just stop for a minute & put yourself in the worse case scenario... I think your views may change, just a little. I invite you to visit my BLOG. Hope to see you there!

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