Drinking and Camming  

rm_fem_red 51F
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2/24/2006 3:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Drinking and Camming

Remind me not to mix the two again. Ive had the opportunity to kick back and have alot of fun on cam this week, but darn if I remember it all!

My girlfriend suggested I get some wine and relax for an evening, well that stretched into a few evenings. My cam is still smokin' from the experience

I didnt expect to enjoy it so much

sassybelle21 33F  
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2/24/2006 5:16 am

It's good to have fun but be more careful Some sick people might just take screen shots of you while you're camming for them and post those shots somewhere online without your knowledge.

rm_fem_red 51F

2/24/2006 5:51 am

Thanks girl, advice much appreciated !!!

*digging in my toybox for a wig and sunglasses*

rm_bigchoklatdk 46M

2/24/2006 6:50 am

Connecting my cam to pc now!!!!!
Welcome red fem!!

LustyTaurus 49M
21253 posts
2/24/2006 6:51 am

LOL...I'll give those pictures back if you want, I didn't expect Sassy to catch me so quick.

Welcome to bloggville!


HeardLankaMalls 56M
2925 posts
2/24/2006 7:03 am

Sounds like the wine helped loosen some inhibitions
Have fun but do be careful.
And welcome to the blogs

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
9753 posts
2/24/2006 8:23 am

I haven't tried the cams yet but I do drink wine when I blog.

Welcome to the blogs!

Purry {=}


gemini0157 60M
6842 posts
2/24/2006 8:35 am

Web cam fun,huh!..... maybe I should look into that! Anyway... welcome to the blogs

fantasylover_05 63M

2/24/2006 8:52 am

Welcum welcum welcum!!

Where the hell was I while all this wild camming was going on??

I would love to see! LOL

rm_fem_red 51F

2/24/2006 11:25 am

Ok someone send me some 8x10's at least!

mrgrimshade 45M

2/24/2006 3:43 pm

Damn missed the show too!

you MUST send out a program of upcumming attractions!


elysianpleasure 48M

2/24/2006 6:28 pm

Welcome... wine I like... I haven't tried cams. Sounds like they might be fun.

leather63 54M
795 posts
2/27/2006 5:49 pm

Well i for 1 enjoy ur cm shows ur a br\eautiful womanTY from my heart !11

strokerace650 39M

2/28/2006 11:08 pm

hey femred don't let it bother ya. i just wish i coulda saw it. shi?":::!#!@#@$. I'm new to and im still trying to figure out how to post my photo on my profile so don't feal bad.

Justplaying082 47M
20 posts
3/4/2006 5:10 pm

dam and i missed your show
would enjoy catching your next one \8b
maybe crack the ?* on your (Y) and ...\8 on your *Y*

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