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7/9/2006 10:32 pm

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Me and my 5 dogs only just moved to the Denver area last October. During my househunt before I actually moved here, my realtor told me a lot of the Denver area ordinances have restrictions on how many animals a person can own without officially having to register as a "kennel". Northglenn is the exception to such an ordinance so I bought a house there. After moving in, I felt like the house wasn't right for me because I had a neighbor behind me with 3 dogs of his own. The last thing I wanted was to be the creator of a barkfest everyday and have my neighbors hate me. My dogs live inside but when they go outside for about a total of an hour in an entire day, sometimes they bark at squirrels or other dogs. It should be noted that no one complained to me or the police that my dogs were bothering them in the 5 months I lived there but I decided to buy another house anyway in Broomfield. I thought my new house backing to a street would create less opportunities for barking and I even put up a new fence with overlapping boards so the dogs couldn't see out. Three things happened within 2 weeks after I moved in...I realized the busy sidewalk behind the house (not the street) was going to be a bigger problem than the guy with 3 dogs AND I did meet all of my neighbors in the cul-de-sac and made sure to tell them to let me know if my dogs bothered them AND someone put an anonymous letter in my mailbox asking me to control my dogs better because there were noise ordinances I needed to observe. It hit me...maybe this wasn't the right house for me after all and I was heartbroken. I lived in a state of tension everyday waiting for the police to knock on the door because "someone" was bothered. For that reason, plus a few others, I decided to move back to my house in Northglenn and sell the house in Broomfield. Today I was over there loading my car with some more stuff and my neighbor from next door was out in the cul-de-sac talking with some other neighbors. I drove over and told her I was moving out and selling the house. And I told her the main reason was because of the anonymous note that made me feel so unwelcome and paranoid. After I told them the gist of what the letter said, everyone standing there said “that sounds like something ***** would do”. I said “***** has always been nice to me and never said anything about my dogs” and they said “that’s the way she operates, she’s nice to your face and trashes you behind your back, no one here likes her” and I said “I wish you would have warned me about her from the beginning!” I asked my neighbor to convey a message to *****, if she would actually admit to writing the letter, that I think she’s a mean, nasty bitch and she’s the reason I’m moving out. I am an obsessively conscientious dog owner and my highest priority is to make sure my neighbors don’t hate me because my beloved dogs are bothering them. The coward who wrote the anonymous letter didn’t give me the chance for a face-to-face discussion about their concerns. Some of the things in the letter were statements based on misinformation on their part and I had no way to explain anything. Some people might think this story is absurd and that my thoughts are irrational and that’s fine…to each his own. For people who truly understand the love you can have for an animal, they know why concerns for and problems with my dogs play such a big role in my life. And it’s a shame the anonymous letter writer probably had no idea how badly their letter would affect me

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7/9/2006 11:00 pm

I had an ex GF who as like that. Hence her being an ex now.

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Denver is the worst place to even own a dog right now. If any of you're dogs were of the bully breeds you're neighboor could have complained about you and you're dog would have been automatically ethanized. It's called "Breed specific Legislation". It's spreading all over the United States. You're choice to own a large breed dog in the good USA is being legislated. We will be an nation of ankle biters for pets if more people don't wake the fuck up and realize what is happening. Glad to see you're dogs mean so much to you. I will never give up mine!!

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I have an issue with two-faced backstabbers under any circumstance. I call them cowards...sorry for your stress...*HUGS*

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7/9/2006 11:47 pm

That's a pretty shitty situation.

There are always people like that.

Smile to your face and talk behind your back.

I think you should have kept the house, because it's likely that this one women was the only one who was causing the trouble.


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