Wife Has Fun At Work  

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Wife Has Fun At Work

The wife had been flirting with a lad from work, John for some weeks now. She, at 27 was his fantasy, his ultimate notch on the bedpost and at 18 he thought he knew how to handle her. Every time she went clubbing he'd be there, chatting her up, groping her bum through her trousers, she always wore trousers. When she came home, she'd 'confess' her experiences, being turned on by what had happened.

As the weeks went on, his flirting became more outrageous and our fantasy more vivid. His birthday was coming up so we agreed he could have a little 'treat'. He'd already invited her for a dirty weekend away, but we decided she wasn't going to be his trophy! We decided we'd both go, stay in the same B&B as him and she would get a bit tipsy and need some help getting upstairs.

On the evening, I chose her something a little different to wear, instead of trousers, a leather mini, stockings, suspenders and thong all in black, topped off by a black bra and see-through white blouse. Well, all went as planned, during the evening I watched him play with her bum, he either wasn't bothered by me or thought he wasn't seen. She had a little more to drink than planned and I asked John to help carry her back to the B&B, each of her arms around our necks.

When we arrived at the B&B, we carried her up to our room and laid her on the bed. He turned to leave, but I asked him to help get her ready for bed, 'can you take her boots off I asked'. He nodded and knelt at the foot of the bed. He looked up to find the zip at the top of the knee-high boots and I could tell by the look on his face that he had a good view of her stocking tops and thighs. He looked a little nervous as he placed a hand on her thigh to find the zip. He fumbled but managed to remove one boot then the other. I had meanwhile unbuttoned her see through blouse, and then said I needed to use the bathroom, asking if he could try getting her blouse and skirt off. He again nodded.

I entered the bathroom and pushed the door to, leaving enough of a gap to watch as he unzipped the skirt and wriggled her out of it, the hard-on in his trousers was obvious as she lay on the bed in just matching stockings, suspenders, thong and bra with her blouse open. He continued to remove the blouse and unfastened the bra as he did, her gorgeous 36D's now free. He glanced toward the bathroom nervously, I was out of sight, and he proceeded to run his hand from her shoulder to her boobs, then across her stomach to her suspender belt. He checked the bathroom again, I turned on the shower to generate some reassuring noise, and his hand began to venture further towards her thigh, feeling her stocking tops and suspender straps.

He got a little braver and started to suck her nipple, his hand kneading her thigh and getting ever closer to her pussy in side the thong. Then finally he slid his fingers into her glistening moist pussy. His other hand clutched his groin stroking through his trousers. As I came out of the bathroom, he jumped up and began apologising. I stopped him and asked if he was enjoying the situation, he relaxed a little, and smiled. 'Was the thong in the way?' 'Err, um, yes', came the reply. I removed her thong and now he had his first proper view of the pussy he had craved. 'Happy birthday, would you like to finger her properly now?' He nodded and tentatively placed his index finger between her wet lips. It slid in easily, so he placed in a second the slowly but firmly began to massage her moist pussy.

He knelt again and licked her nipple once more, with the anticipation of the evening being built up over the last few days, she was so aroused that she came in a matter of a few minutes. John was aching to screw her, but she had made it clear to him that he wouldn't be allowed to. I suggested he go down on her and bring himself off as he drank her juices. He came within seconds but continued to bring her to orgasm, receiving a face full of pussy juice as she erupted. He then stood, said 'thank you' and headed to the bathroom to clean up. He left and I allowed her to sleep and went for a shower.

When she woke in the morning, she asked if John had in fact had his treat, I replied 'yes', she smiled and pleaded for me to tell her what had happened. As I recounted the evenings events she became very horny, and jumped astride me as I went into more and more detail for her... Next time she wants to pull a girl!

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