How A TV Girl Gets Dressed  

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3/18/2006 11:18 pm

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How A TV Girl Gets Dressed

When I think about becoming Faye, my first thought is that I am already Faye and all I have to do is get ready. When you think of your self as a woman that becomes the main focus. You act as a woman, you feel as a woman, and you think as a woman. It's not just about putting on lingerie and heels and a wig. There is so much more to it than that, and most "girls" will agree with that fact.
Becoming Faye is a mind-set. The brain is the most active and best sexual organ. When I am Faye, my mind gets into that mode. It's all about how you feel about yourself and then how you look. I always try to dress and act as a woman and not a man trying to look like a woman. There is a big difference.
When Faye likes to get ready, she takes a nice long hot aromatherapy bath. Sitting in a tub of hot water, I can shave, relax and focus on becoming all the woman I wish to be. Taking a hot bath also relaxes the muscles in the penis and your legs allowing for a better and more comfortable "tuck".
After bathing, I towel dry and moisturize my body
and legs. I spay a nice body spray such as obcession over me. The fragrance of a woman invites me.
Next I put on my bra and fix my breasts so they are a part of me. Then I work on my tuck. I gently push my balls up into my body until they dissappear. No, that does not hurt as one may think and actually makes for more comfort. Then I gently rub my penis just to get it to elongate a little. Then I can take the head and pull it between my legs. I push the head up into my ass and let that grab and hold it. Now, even if I start getting aroused, it stays put and helps keep that feminine "V" shape in the crotch. Sometimes I wear two pairs of pantyhose. The first pair are really more of a "base coat" for my sexy legs. I use the No-Nonsense sheer to waist in nude or tan to give my legs some color and definition. Then I put on what ever kind of panties I feel in the mood for at the time. Now I really love the Bali boy-cut lace style. Then I put on my pantyhose. God I love the feel of hose on my legs. Gently I put them on so as not to get a run in them. I love the Victoria's Secret nude colored sheer-to-waist the best. They feel so sexy and make my legs look wonderful.
Then I put on a satin shorty robe and bedroom slippers and go to the bathroom to do my make up. As I go to the bathroom mirror, I feel like a woman and just want to look my best. I usually put on my foundation make up first after using a little more moisturizing lotion. I use a wedge shaped sponge to even out the coverage. After a minute for that to set, I use my brow pencil to color and shape my eye brows. Then I put on my eye liner, both bottom and then top. Next comes the eye shadow. It's important to blend your colors here and get your eyes to look sexy and correct, whether for day or evening. Then I go and blush my cheeks. A little color for day and more contrast for the evening. I then take my lip liner and outline my lips to make them look full and plump. I choose a lip color that goes with the time of day, and with what mood I am feeling and what I am wearing. I love the pink shades and wear those prominately.
I then put on my wig and style my hair as I gaze into the mirror and see a woman before me. Then comes a cute pair of earrings and the jewelry. These touches can make or break you as a real woman. I love diamond rings and tennis bracelets.
I am ready then for the final touches. I love to wear sweaters and skirts. Now I am putting on a gray turtleneck sweater as it helps me look more real, and it is cooler outside today. Then I put on my short black flared skirt and zip up the side. I love wearing heels, so they come on next. I prefer 2" to 3" black pumps. They feel so sexy just slipping them onto my feet and walking. I put finishing touch on by slipping on the matching three-botton jacket.
I am ready. Oops. One final spray of my obcession perfume and I am ready to do my nails. All of this takes me about an hour to an hour and a half, but it is well worth the effort.
As I put everything into my pocketbook, I not only look like a woman but more importantly, feel like one too. Thats gives me the confidence to go out.
I pass very well, even during the day. So I am fortunate. One this day, as I went to the lingerie store, the woman honestly told me she thought I was a woman as I came in, until I spoke. So did the sales clerk at a certain woman's fashion store I frequent as both a guy and a girl.
Just an ordinary day for girls like us huh? How forunate and blessed I am to be able to do this and do it right and pass, even to other woman. I have had more woman tell me that my legs were my best feminine asset and they wished their's were that nice.
I truly love becoming and being a woman. Hope you other girls do too!
Hugs and Kisses - Faye Anne-Leigh Gray

rm_thomasbthh 63M
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6/4/2009 11:08 pm

Thanks I've always wonder how to get rid of my friend. I will try it to night before I go out. XOXOX

MonaLouder 51F

6/6/2009 9:03 am

Thats awesome darlin...I have always been curious about the process myself

You go Girl

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6/21/2009 5:29 pm

That gives me soo many ideas of how to get ready. Loved the story from begining to end. It is how every girl should get ready

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