a rude teenager taught a lesson  

fatlover51 69M
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3/10/2005 1:05 pm

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a rude teenager taught a lesson

Yesterday, I was a store and several young men were picking on a large older woman. Whose left leg was in a cast. They thought it funny that she had dropped something and was having a hard time picking it up. I happen to know the lady fairly well although that isn't important. I picked up her small package and handed it to her. I then turned to the young men, I'd say they were in their early teens, and said. Some time in the future, if you don't die of stupidity, you'll no longer be young and will need some assistance perhaps someone will help you, I hope they do, but if they don't you'll remember this incident and understand how foolish you were.
My lady friend thanked me and told me that I had waisted my breath. I told her that she was probably correct, but if I had said nothing I would have felt bad.
I helped her put her packages in her car. One of the young men came over and said to me. Your a fucking asshole.
I could have responded with a comment but instead I punched him very, very hard in his stomach twice and very fast, I used to box in college. He was doubled over in pain and was having a hard time breathing he had tears in his eyes.
I said to him, perhaps you get away with that shit at home and school but not around me.
He straightened up and tried to hit me. I spun him around and gave him two very hard punches in his kidneys. You'll piss blood for a couple of days maybe that will teach you a lesson. If not I suspect that your one of those who will never learn. He slowly left vowing to tell his father.
I suppose I should have never hit the young man but then someone had to teach him a lesson.
Was I wrong ?? let me know what you think.

roguelover11 49M

3/10/2005 2:26 pm

Right on man! Sometimes that's the only way they do learn. I would have shook you hand had i witenessed you punching him. Those kids deserved what they got.

greeneyedblonde2 54F

3/10/2005 5:14 pm

yes i feel u were wrong.... read the poem i wrote about this .... in my blog.. will post soon....

Cathy_Dave 55M/55F

3/10/2005 5:30 pm

There are a lot of rude teens out there and it's a waste of time just saying something to them. They either laugh or tell you to fuck off. We were in a situation with three teens last fall where they came bursting through a door at a corner store and knocked a lady flying. They walked past her and laughed as she was holding her face where the door hit her. There was one problem....my husband was standing there and saw what they had done.....he walked up....grabbed one by the ear and told him to go help the lady and say he was sorry for being so inconsiderate. Well....didn't go that way.....the kids told my husband to go fuck himself then one pushed him....I'm not sure if the little punks had to go to the hopital after my husband was done but he didn't hold back and gave the three of them a beating they won't soon forget. Soooo good for you and good for my husband.

vlksblue 39M
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3/10/2005 6:53 pm

With teenagers now a days going out of control. Thinking that they are stronger than the older folks they need a lesson or two.

I think you handled the situation nicely. You could have bitten him up badly but you didn't. It seems that you where just showing that his not indistructable.

Another point i want to make this teenager your talking about is a cry baby! Think of it his looking for a fight/trouble with how his acting and now when somebody faces up to him and loses he cries and treatens to tell his father.

So what happen did he tell his father and did you get any trouble with the law?


SexySquirterGirl 51F
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3/11/2005 12:58 am

Sorry but I feel differently.. As a mother of two teenagers, and also a victim of domestic violence, I cannot condone what you've done. We as adults, set the examples that children follow. The boy you hit was just that a boy. You are an adult. What needed to be done should have been deceided by his parents. Violence is never the answer! The best thing for you to have done was nothing, to ignore his name calling and be on your way. To be the adult that you are and to act like one. It saddens me that so many people think you did the right thing and have no issues with an adult hitting a child. No wonder our children are the way that they are. No wonder society is the way it is. Do you have children? What if this boy had been your child? Would you have wanted him to be beat up by an adult because he mouthed off?? Well maybe you would have because you seem to think that violence is the answer.

Sorry I can't write anymore on this post, as it is stirring up alot of bad memories.

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